Sunday, August 26, 2018

Brake N' Rumble Moves East!


Meet The Carastros

It's not just their taste in vintage, hot rods and steaks that gravitationally pulls people around them close together - it's their free-spirited open perspective on life that draws us. Their next journey awaits for them on the East Coast but they will continue to hunt, curate, and sell vintage. Since meeting them in person a few years ago at Jamie's shop in Little Tokyo, I've got to see them raise a mini version of Matt and Marbrisa, their life-loving daughter, Marlow. Her curiosity for everything around her is the purest example of a kid absorbing the world around her. Lucky for her, her Uncle Jay Cavallo of Nostalgia Ranch Speed Shop, sent her off with a proper paint job for her first "lakester". Brutus was kind enough to model for the day and even showed a shocking resemblance to the stance of Marlow's lakester. Looking forwards to meeting them again out on the East Coast in the future - possibly TROG?...

Safe travels and good luck in the next chapter in your lives!

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(The Great) Brutus, Matt, Marlow, Marbrisa Carastro


RPM Nationals 2017 | Santa Margarita Ranch, CA | Part Two


Santa Margarita Ranch Shakedown

After a brisk and track inspection and racer meeting, Justin was off to flag duty to start the first races. Like clockwork, the runs were going smoothly and with a little bit more sun throughout the afternoon, the track was warming up to tires. From the tire smoke-filled haze at the starting line to the dirt return road, there was always an opportunity to capture different perspectives on and off the track. Here's the coverage from race day here at the RPM Nationals.

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