Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hot Rod Hill Climb 2017 | Central City, CO | Part Three


Rocky Road Sunday

When I was growing up in a small county of Ohio with nothing but flat farm lands, I remember seeing photos of the Rocky Mountains and looking at maps to see how much land it covered. Of course at that time I didn't have a sense of scale of mountains until I moved to California where terrains can range from deserts, coastal, and forests. After going through national parks in Utah and up the Colorado National Monument, the elevation of the landscapes in the Rocky Mountains towered over the previous ones. The highest elevation was nearly 14,000 ft. above sea level and at that altitude my wife was getting light headed driving as I stuck my head out the moonroof like a dog out the window, taking in the scenery. Photos of the massive Rockies in the background of these hot rods just doesn't justify the depth of you feel to something that large in scale in real life.

Definitely one of the most memorable trips for the books and looking forward to possibly seeing the Alberta side someday. Signing off from Colorado! 

We've got some coverage of the flathead drags at Santa Margarita Ranch coming up, see ya back in California race fans!

IMG_9039-2 IMG_9043-3 IMG_9056-6 IMG_9077-15 IMG_9059-7 IMG_9094-16 IMG_9129-22 IMG_9221-42 IMG_9180-33 IMG_9187-35 IMG_9177-32 IMG_9151-27 IMG_9186-34 IMG_9214-41 IMG_9250-44 IMG_9241-43 IMG_9256-46 IMG_9258-47 IMG_9262-48 IMG_9271-52 IMG_9279-54 IMG_9264-50 IMG_9313-62 IMG_9284-56 IMG_9360-70 IMG_9419-79 IMG_9422-80


Hot Rod Hill Climb 2017 | Central City, CO | Part Two


Hill Climb to Heaven

The second part of the evening, the sun was making more consistent appearances and opening up the Colorado skies. With the flag girl consistently sending racers off, the flow of cars lining up was moving all afternoon so I was able to get more coverage all around the staging lanes and starting line. Climbing up the hill wasn't easy for some of the participants - it definitely was not easy by foot with with 30lbs of equipment on your back. This wrap's up day one of the Hill Climb and many shots to follow of the peak-to-peak ride around the Rocky Mountains. Stay tuned!

IMG_8694-193 IMG_8426-96 IMG_8619-164 IMG_8311-52 IMG_8587-151 IMG_8497-121 IMG_8513-126 IMG_8521-128 IMG_8533-133 IMG_8531-132 IMG_8537-134 IMG_8564-143 IMG_8563-142 IMG_8544-136 IMG_8506-123 IMG_8567-144 IMG_8832-225 IMG_8749-211 IMG_8728-205 IMG_8757-213 IMG_8542-135 IMG_8597-11 IMG_8641-13 IMG_8556-140 IMG_8800-219 IMG_8908-230 IMG_8830-224 IMG_8973-232 IMG_8517-8 IMG_8786-216 IMG_8739-207 IMG_8692-192 IMG_8835-226 IMG_8636-170 IMG_8604-159 IMG_8594-155 IMG_8598-156 IMG_8671-185 IMG_8658-178 IMG_8688-190 IMG_8645-173 IMG_8653-175 IMG_8901-14