Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hot Rod Hill Climb 2017 | Central City, CO | Part One


The Morning Gold Rush

After going through four seasons of weather and temperature coming from Utah, we finally reached one of Colorado's oldest mining towns, Central City! The scenery driving off the 70 offered views of pinetree cascaded mountains and sweeping roads for some fun driving entertainment. Aside being greeted with welcome signs and banners, the town's preserved architecture instantly transports you back into time as if you'd just drove onto a movie set. My first impression was just that and I'd convinced myself I might have made a wrong turn somewhere. But there was no doubt we were in the right place once we passed the pits and staging lanes already filling up with racers. Hot Rod Hill Climb racing action coming your way race fans!

IMG_8161-7 IMG_8153-4 IMG_8158-6 IMG_8185-14 IMG_8196-17 IMG_8205-20 IMG_8245-29 IMG_8347-63 IMG_8265-36 IMG_8386-78 IMG_8269-37 IMG_8310-51 IMG_8371-75 IMG_8317-54 IMG_8250-30 IMG_8431-97 IMG_8390-80 IMG_8345-61 IMG_8336-59 IMG_8253-32 IMG_8301-48 IMG_8309-50 IMG_8290-42 IMG_8298-46 IMG_8356-66 IMG_8404-86 IMG_8392-81 IMG_8395-82 IMG_8259-35 IMG_8357-67 IMG_8402-85 IMG_8363-70 IMG_8368-73 IMG_8414-92 IMG_8442-101 IMG_8365-72 IMG_8569-145 IMG_8573-147 IMG_8448-104 IMG_8451-105 IMG_8453-107 IMG_8490-117 IMG_8493-118 IMG_8447-103