Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Michael & Nicholas Coleman Art Studios | Provo, UT

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Coleman Art
In the past few years I've been following Nicholas Coleman's work not only because his western paintings but how he transposes that timeless style into his motorcycle paintings. The most iconic motorcycle painting of the Brough on fire at Wheels and Waves was what had me hooked. He also painted a large scale portrait of one of my favorite racers, Shinya Kimura, riding his 1916 Indian and did some watercolors from Bonneville. Although I am a big fan of his Western work, our love and appreciation for speed is where we find more common ground. Well, that's the idea I had before I paid a visit to his and his father's art studios in Provo, Utah.

Last year when I was in Utah for Bonneville, we explored Mt. Timpanogos near Provo and fell in love with the mountain scenery. Right at the base of Mt. Timpanogos is where Nicholas and his father, Michael Coleman, have their art studios. First stop was Nicholas's studio which I've only seen in photos so being in the actual space felt a lot larger in scale. Nicholas and his father are hunters so naturally you would also find a collection of taxidermy and antlers they hunted themselves displayed in their study. To speak to the extent of their collection of Western art, hunting tools, and Indian artifacts we would be talking about multiple rooms from floor to ceiling.

Being professional artists at their caliber requires to be consistently surrounded by inspiration and life experiences. Through hunting they're experiencing their paintings first hand and are able to depict and covey the reality of being in nature. After a tour around Nicholas' studio, we took a quick trip down the street to his parents' house which used to be an old apple orchard. As if I wasn't already blow away by Nicholas' studio, his father's collection extended from the front door, down a few halls, 2 large studies and even into a fishing-themed guest bathroom. There was only so much head turning my neck could handle. Every wall, ceiling and floor was filled with curated works of art.

With a short amount of time to quickly gather in as much I could of Michael's studio, I knew that I was barely scratching the surface. I left feeling like there's a lot more to be astonished and surprised by another time. Glad I was able to make this trip, I can't turn down an opportunity to see an artist in their inspirational space. A big thank you to the Nicholas, Michael and their families for welcoming me into their homes. 

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Speed Week 2017 | Bonneville Salt Flats


Salty Sunrise

After a very busy year since the last Bonneville in 2016, my heart and mind had never left the salt. A pinch of salt from the bosom of Bonnie herself is all you need to that catch salt fever. For a whole year I was reliving Speed Week through last year's photos trying to analyze what shots to look for the next trip. That never pans once you're thrown into the mellow madness on race day. The further I am away from the starting lines the calmer and more open I am about shooting. As much of a people person I am, when it comes to shooting cars I like to have it all to myself with no distractions. Bonneville, with it's wide-open spaces and painteresque mountains views, sets you up perfectly for those iconic shots.

Coming straight from Salt Lake City, I made sure to leave in time to make it for sunrise on the salt flats. Two and half hours later in my Hyundai rental, the Bonnie Beater as I like to call it, were 5th in line to get on the salts when they opened. I made it just in time to watch the sun slowly make it's way over the horizon and some low setting clouds. Coming back home to the salts can't be described by words alone so here are some early morning snaps from Day One.

IMG_5863-3 IMG_5878-4 IMG_5883-5 IMG_5894-7 IMG_5897-8IMG_5900-9 IMG_5890-6 IMG_5905-13 IMG_5904-12 IMG_5931-3 IMG_5918-17 IMG_5928-20 IMG_5938-24


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Chris Garcia | Easy's Hot Rod Build Tribute | Chapter Two


The Hunter's Lair

Last year Chris and I started working together on documenting the progression of his father's Model A which started with a proper chop. It was the beginning of a father and son story which Chris will continue to tell through these builds. Chris is a man of many talents and to fully comprehend his scope of work and what influences it, you'll have to take a walk around his workshop to get the big picture. He's been working on it meticulously since the last time I was documenting the chop last year and to finally see the finished space had me shooting every crevice of it as many areas piqued my interests. This workspace is not just to display all of his vintage collection of automotive pieces and hand painted banners he designed himself, but every tool needed to chop and rebuild on a few cars at a time, was at the mechanic's disposal. 

Half speed shop, half ray gun and robot workshop would be the best way to describe Chris's workspace. That is why very piece in his workshop is carefully curated to serve a purpose in this grand scheme. Through his sign painting experience he's designed and distressed vintage race inspired banners for clients. But an artist's work is different when they're crafting for themselves and the signs and banners Chris made for the workshop were spot on. Of course a speed shop wouldn't be complete without a guard dog - enter the Fonz. 

With the roof finally welded and sanded down, the chop was sitting at a perfect height and ready for to see some miles. Stay tuned for the continuation of this little jalopy's journey as it makes a few appearances at events this year!

IMG_4592-6 IMG_4593-7 IMG_4789-65 IMG_4622-21IMG_4621-20 IMG_4614-15 IMG_4616-17 IMG_4632-27 IMG_4684-44IMG_4652-34 IMG_4636-29 IMG_4650-33IMG_4655-35 IMG_4605-12 IMG_4656-36 IMG_4703-2 IMG_4626-24 IMG_4710-56 IMG_4835-73 IMG_4840-76 IMG_4839-75 IMG_4935-89 IMG_4942-6 IMG_4990-97