Thursday, June 15, 2017

Antique Nationals 2017 @ Auto Club Dragway | Fontana, CA | Pt. II


Light 'Em Up Johnny!

Before I knew it the line had filled all the way up more than halfway the length of the drag strip and the roar of engines echoed my cue to make my way to the pits. With only a few mishaps on the track, most of the afternoon ran smoothly and the pace of runs steadily progressed. I had enough time to get multiple shots of each car in line before they made their passes and made some new friends. Whether I was in the staging lanes or the right next to the starting line, ear plugs were a must otherwise I would've blown my ear drums. My favorite car that I kept coming back to was the #98 car owned by Skip Ringo who was running the Model A on hefty Hoosier drag slicks and leaving everyone lined up with him in the dust. I wrapped up the afternoon with one drained battery and a smile from ear to ear, overjoyed with the images I captured. Let's see how this warm up helped me at The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood! Stay tuned race fans...

IMG_9980-34 IMG_0200-144 IMG_0224-158 IMG_0001-46 IMG_9977-32 IMG_0006-49 IMG_0009-51 IMG_0004-47 IMG_9986-39IMG_9991-42 IMG_9985-38 IMG_0017-55 IMG_0243-171 IMG_0015-54 IMG_0022-59IMG_0020-57 IMG_0021-58 IMG_0025-62 IMG_0024-61 IMG_0046-72 IMG_0044-70IMG_0050-76 IMG_0048-74 IMG_0049-75 IMG_0032-65 IMG_0053-78IMG_0052-77 IMG_9997-44 IMG_0153-128 IMG_0184-141 IMG_0158-132 IMG_0233-165 IMG_0213-149 IMG_0172-137 IMG_0215-151 IMG_0219-155 IMG_0210-148 IMG_0226-160 IMG_0203-146 IMG_0225-159 IMG_0239-168 IMG_0168-136 IMG_0162-134 IMG_9988-40 IMG_0220-156 IMG_0230-163 IMG_0054-79 IMG_9995-43 IMG_9984-37