Sunday, May 28, 2017

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend @ The Orleans_Las Vegas


At The Vegas Hop

Las Vegas has always been a place where I can take friends and family to have guiltless nights binge drinking on half yards of spiked slurpees to release the weekly stresses of work. I was never a gambling man but I did win but luck on the penny slots to be able to pay for two steak dinners. But for this trip I was headed to Vegas for our first Rockabilly Weekend. I've only seen pictures of all the colorful pinups on previous years' coverages but wanted to see for myself what I could experience. The weather was favorable especially for the desert around this time. The show had very similar vibes to the Mooneyes X-mas party at Irwindale but with more pinups and all day rockabilly music and dancing. If I wasn't busy photographing cars down each row, I would be flagging down pinups to take their picture. After a long day outside at the car show, everyone gets ready for the after party in the Orleans dance hall which goes until sunrise. Till the next sleepless Vegas nights! 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Old Crow Speed Shop Museum


The Crow's Nest

When you're restoring and racing vintage race cars and motorcycles there's more than just understanding the mechanical ingenuity of each project. There's always a purpose for everything and a reason why things were built and engineered a certain way. Relics of the past can tell a long history of where it came from, how and why it was used during it's time. In the heart of Burbank there's living proof of racing heritage in every corner at the Old Crow Speed Shop. Owner Bobby Green, a collector of old things, historic landmark restorer and above all vetted vintage race car driver, is man of many trades and designing is the core to all of his work.

One of the most interesting areas of the shop besides the collection of race cars around the premises, is the front lobby which was converted to a museum of art pieces and racing artifacts which were tastefully curated for guests to enjoy in correlation to the project cars in the shop. Validity of the shop's racing success can easily be seen on the shelf of Bonneville record holder trophies in the lobby which undoubtedly will continue to grow. You can't miss the Jeff Decker pieces because they stand out and leave you staring in awe from the immaculate details of each piece. His sculptures evoke a sense of motion and capture a specific moment that racers and fans alike can relate to. They make themselves right at home in the museum.

In the garage you'll usually find Bobby's trusty mechanics Josh and Chris working on projects builds for Bobby and customers. Most popularly known for their land speed belly tank and indy racing car, you'll never know what you'll find in the garage. The moment I was there the Josh was prepping the belly tanks for a shoot with Jay Leno so I got to see the guts of the belly tanks before they made their runs on the dry lakes. Let's leave that feature for another time, shall we? Big thanks to the Old Crow boys for letting me bug them at work.  

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