Sunday, April 30, 2017

Inspiration LA 2017 @ The Reef LA


Pioneers of the New American Frontier

What a great time it is for America's craftsman and artists to be producing and creating for this new era of consumers and enthusiasts. America's got a new way of thinking when it comes to buying dry goods and the standards are rising. Ideas are expanding while staying true to it's original craft, technique, and tradition. On top of all of that, it's produced right here on our own soil which moves the profits right back into these companies and makes more opportunities for them to grow and reach out to each individual. This brings back more of a sense of pride and dignity to the nation's consumers knowing where it was produced and knowing the individual's who are masters at these crafts. 

This is not a fashion trend that comes and goes, this is an ongoing archive and collective of our histories which remind us of why these good and crafts withstand time and wear. Inspiration LA unites makers from all across the globe from Switzerland, Germany, and a large attendance from Japan. Rin Tanaka, the creator of this event and author of the "My Freedamn!" book series, has been working tirelessly every year since 2010 to gather more people and vendors to meet each other, build and grow this culture. Every year there is always a handful of artists and vendors I follow and this gives me that golden chance to shake their hand and experience their passions in person. Here's a few of my personal inspirations of the year.  

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