Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SCTA Land Speed Racing @ El Mirage Dry Lake_The Wild Turkey


Stay Gold, Stay Wild

What a fitting sunset with it's golden ambient tones to blanket the settling dust on the El Mirage lake bed after the Wild Turkey was bonafide after breaking it's class record. After 11 years of chasing an El Mirage record, Bobby Green and Max Herman have finally taken a record. It's not like they barely beat the 110mph record, they smashed it with a 124mph pass with their Winfield 4 banger built by Max. Since last year at El Mirage and then in August when I saw it run at Bonneville, the motor was having valve problems and it wasn't able to make a solid pass but this November it came back to life and the Wild Turkey took flight. They could've gone faster with another run but let's leave some action and suspense for the salts. 

As I also mentioned from the previous posts, I was honored to be able to capture Max Sr. and Max Jr. in their H&H Special. Great to see father and son bond at such an eventful day - I mean, how often do you get to see the engine your dad built break a record? 

IMG_7784-169 IMG_7708-153 IMG_7769-165 IMG_7756-163 IMG_7743-161 IMG_7734-159 IMG_7813-177 IMG_7866-195 IMG_7858-191IMG_7859-192 IMG_7832-184


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Craig Holmes' 31' Ford Model A_The Diegans CC


Murder, He Rode

When you catch a slight glimpse of Craig Holmes' '31 Model A, even from the corner of your eye, you can't resist the to stare at this sinister black beauty. The bright orange block and the carbs of are sure to stand out against the black which was transplanted from a '57 Chevy Corvette. The 283 engine rumbled nicely with lively acceleration notes that echoed through the neighborhoods of South Park as we drove around San Diego. I remember when I first met Craig at our friends' vintage shop, Brake N' Rumble, I really wanted to shoot his car right then and there, but with little time and space we had to reschedule for another day. So glad that day came especially on a perfect San Diego sunset when I had the car and time all to myself. Although I was satisfied with what I got during the day, I definitely have some ideas for a night shoot soon...

IMG_8188-30IMG_8191-34 IMG_8150-6 IMG_8192-35 IMG_8195-37IMG_8173-19 IMG_8177-23 IMG_8172-18 IMG_8185-27 IMG_8197-39IMG_8204-40 IMG_8213-44 IMG_8221-50


Sunday, January 22, 2017

SCTA Land Speed Racing @ El Mirage Dry Lake_Day One


The Flight of the Turkey

Here we are folks - the end of the 2016 season and what better weather and atmosphere for making those final attempts for breaking a record at El Mirage for the year. The residual withdrawals of not being on the salts still lingered but the scenery of familiar turf and people made me feel right at home again. My good friend Bobby was attempting the record for his class, a first for him at El Mirage (surprisingly) for the past decade. The previous year's attempt and 2016's runs at Bonneville were a rough start with mechanical difficulties but that didn't stop the Wild Turkey from smashing the record this time.   

IMG_7422-36 IMG_7439-46 IMG_7425-37_MG_5747-14 _MG_5746-13 IMG_7430-41 IMG_7524-82 IMG_7446-51 IMG_7445-50 IMG_7432-42IMG_7458-56 IMG_7464-58 IMG_7558-100 IMG_7562-102 IMG_7582-106 IMG_7586-108 IMG_7594-111 IMG_7526-83 IMG_7553-98 IMG_7451-53 _MG_5756-21_MG_5755-20 _MG_5743-10 _MG_5759-23 _MG_5733-3 IMG_7535-88 IMG_7537-89 IMG_7554-99 IMG_7607-117 IMG_7622-122IMG_7629-125 IMG_7639-129 IMG_7621-121 IMG_7518-81 IMG_7540-91 IMG_7572-104 IMG_7596-112 _MG_5751-17 IMG_7421-35 _MG_5736-5 IMG_7529-85 IMG_7470-61