Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Race of Gentlemen 2017 | Wildwood, NJ | Day One | Starlux Hotel


Wish You Were Here

After my first unsuccessful attempt flying out to New Jersey in 2015 was postponed due to the hurricane, I made a commitment to go no matter what the weather is this year. Landed in Philly airport early in the morning so spent some time roaming around before heading out Wildwood. You know I had be a tourist and grab myself an authentic philly cheese steak sandwich before heading into Jersey. After an hour and a half fighting lack of sleep from the night before and the food coma from the 1/4 lbs. piece of the sandwich I just scuffed, I arrived on scene just in time when everyone was rolling into town. The Starlux Hotel was where all the noise was coming from so I dropped off my bags and without a moment to settle in, I rushed back to the parking lot to see who made it out.

Race cars and race bikes were parading around the streets of Wildwood levitating around the hotel block. Wildwood is usually a lot quieter but the residents and business fully welcome the noise level that TROG racers and fans bring to town. The boardwalk, pavement, sand, the town as a whole, are well kept so visitors pay their respects to keep Wildwood a race friendly environment. The weather was perfectly cool and high hopes for clearer days of racing ahead was in sight. Stay tuned for some racing action on the sand, race fans! 

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hell On Wheels MX Scramble @ Glen Helen Raceway | San Bernadino, CA


Odd Ones Out

A smaller crowd than usual at the MX Scramble event but a solid lineup of tank shift racers and vintage bikes nonetheless. This band of racers are the usual suspects at these Hell on Wheels events and they're always challenged with different course layouts and conditions. After a few hot laps they quickly start picking up speed and by the second heat they're neck and neck. The course used was very similar to the Halloween Hill Climb minus the treacherous ascend to the top of the hill. A few added sections of this new course were built just for this event and needed a few laps to compact the dirt. Great day of racing and hanging in the pits with friends, couldn't have asked for a better Sunday. New Jersey here I come!

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