Sunday, December 24, 2017

Speed Week 2017 | Bonneville Salt Flats | Day Two | Part One


First On The Salt

Second sunrise here on the salt and nothing feels better than the being at the starting line before the first runs open up. Whether El Mirage or Bonneville, I can always expect to see the man of mystery, Shinya, already warming up the throttle being first in line morning of the races. Right behind the Chabbott Engineering van, Kiyo and Kat were unloading the twin-engine CB1620 "Gekko" going for the 196mph record in their class. Hikaru Miyagi was running the Gekko this time and after 18 runs were coming short from the record at 164mph. As mentioned before, the salt was not ideal especially for the rookie and short courses this year so safety cannot be compromised.

Coming out of impound was The Wild Turkey, piloted by Bobby when after the morning run, cracked the block and decommissioned it for the remainder of the weekend. Go and Sushi, back on their Indians were still trying to get to 100mph but were falling a few notches short of it. Most of my time on the salts is driving back and forth from the starting lines, staging lanes and back to camp in the pits where I usually catch people I've been eyeing throughout the day. As some of you may know, I had to catch the guy running the modified sports Miata. Sam from South Bay, a privateer racer, and Mazda enthusiast was running a 13B Wankel rotary engine from the Miata's sexier older sister, the RX-7 as I was hoping.

IMG_6356-3 IMG_6369-6 IMG_6367-5 IMG_6379-7 IMG_6382-8 IMG_6385-9 IMG_6395-11 IMG_6407-14 IMG_6415-17 IMG_6431-21 IMG_6437-22 IMG_6419-18 IMG_6454-25 IMG_6471-30 IMG_6494-10 IMG_6487-9 IMG_6495-39 IMG_6500-42 IMG_6506-44 IMG_6508-46 IMG_6532-54 IMG_6534-56 IMG_6540-59 IMG_6547-62 IMG_6541-60 IMG_6557-67 IMG_6554-66 IMG_6551-65 IMG_6561-69 IMG_6571-71 IMG_6572-72 IMG_6582-74 IMG_6599-77


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Speed Week 2017 | Bonneville Salt Flats | Day One


Temple of Speed

It's an exciting year with a solid rookie lineup and a few of the big boys on the long course are raising the bar every year. Last year, Danny Thompson and the Challenger 2 team, after 48 years, resurrected his dad's streamliner which got Danny into the 400mph club with a 406.769 record. A year later, Danny and his team came back and took the Challenger 2 all the way to 435 mph which smashed the 2016 record. On the rookie course, Go and Sushi are running a pair of Indians built by Go himself. Both madmen of speed on two wheels and for this year Sushi is pushing it to four wheels, piloting the Old Crow belly tank. He's had a few runs at El Mirage back in May but let's see how he does on the salts which have not been in the best conditions.

Many participants were having problem with the salt being a little soft this year so coming down the stretch was hard to hit higher speeds. The salts were damper than last year which made getting to and from impound tedious for trailers and cars to get around. Some cars even fell off the trailers because of the bumpy path to the staging lanes. But the sun was out and people were persistent to line up for a run regardless the obstacles. Day one at Bonneville is underway, race fans!

IMG_5959-28 IMG_5955-27 IMG_5961-29 IMG_6212-120 IMG_6010-7 IMG_6039-55 IMG_6077-9 IMG_5974-37 IMG_6095-75 IMG_5971-35 IMG_6083-72 IMG_6102-78 IMG_6104-80 IMG_6092-10 IMG_6049-60 IMG_6052-63 IMG_6139-90 IMG_6118-86 IMG_6071-69 IMG_6110-83 IMG_6111-84 IMG_6107-81 IMG_6214-121 IMG_6208-119 IMG_6150-98 IMG_6153-99 IMG_6137-89 IMG_6147-96 IMG_6189-115 IMG_6205-117 IMG_6227-126 IMG_6044-57 IMG_6231-127 IMG_6236-130 IMG_6280-147 IMG_6128-88 IMG_6132-14 IMG_6124-87 IMG_6173-111 IMG_6220-123 IMG_6163-107 IMG_6166-108 IMG_6222-124 IMG_6157-102 IMG_6162-106 IMG_6217-122 IMG_6239-132 IMG_6282-148 IMG_5972-5 IMG_6252-18 IMG_6251-139 IMG_6249-137 IMG_6254-141 IMG_6344-168 IMG_6289-152 IMG_6286-150 IMG_6315-159 IMG_6306-20 IMG_6318-161 IMG_6324-163 IMG_6320-162 IMG_6312-21 IMG_6328-164 IMG_6335-166