Thursday, September 8, 2016

SCTA Land Speed Racing @ El Mirage_July 2016_Pt. II


Mirrored Horizons

The afternoon continued with everyone getting plenty of runs in despite the scorching weather and I was drenched in sweat in my overalls but the momentum was peaking. The usual suspects of El Mirage were making final adjustments before the long journey up to Bonneville where they would do more testing on the "Great White Dyno". Although some people aren't as fortunate as some of the locals near El Mirage to be able to run multiple times throughout half the year, diehard racers from Nevada and Arizona trailered their race cars more than 10 hours to make runs for half a day. This was my last chance to prepare for Bonneville so at the end of the day I was content and glad I got my lazy butt out of bed this morning. Next stop - Wendover, Utah! 

IMG_3586-69 IMG_3716-124 IMG_3707-121 IMG_3728-129 IMG_3715-123IMG_3719-126 IMG_3721-127 IMG_3770-140 IMG_3660-94 IMG_3617-81IMG_3613-79 IMG_3628-84 IMG_3761-137 IMG_3743-132IMG_3745-133 IMG_3810-150 IMG_3807-148IMG_3818-153 IMG_3821-154 IMG_3798-145 IMG_3526-44 IMG_3641-90 IMG_3661-95 IMG_3667-103IMG_3685-112 IMG_3675-107 IMG_3679-109 IMG_3698-115 IMG_3700-117 IMG_3703-118 IMG_3706-120 IMG_3704-119 IMG_3415-6 IMG_3826-155


Monday, September 5, 2016

SCTA Land Speed Racing @ El Mirage_July 2016_Pt. I


Petrol Heads of the High Desert

The heat in the middle of July isn't the best condition for racing or photographing races in the middle of the afternoon. That was my conclusion up until the morning of when I was awakened by a sudden compelling feeling to grab my camera, suck it up, and go shoot against the odds. When I finally reached the lake bed and went through that blinding cloud of dust when approaching the course, the heat thinned out and an unexpected amount of cars and racers were already going through tech inspection. These were signs of a lucky day at El Mirage and I had just arrived on time.

IMG_3393-2IMG_3398-4 IMG_3434-9 IMG_3417-7 IMG_3828-156 IMG_3458-21 IMG_3457-20IMG_3465-23 IMG_3472-26 IMG_3453-18 IMG_3443-12 IMG_3478-27 IMG_3482-28 IMG_3598-73IMG_3754-136 IMG_3494-32 IMG_3499-34 IMG_3503-36 IMG_3502-35 IMG_3521-43 IMG_3510-38 IMG_3507-37 IMG_3535-46 IMG_3529-45 IMG_3546-50 IMG_3553-54 IMG_3551-52 IMG_3564-57 IMG_3568-58 IMG_3633-87 IMG_3632-86IMG_3580-66 IMG_3619-82