Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cody Wellema Portaits @ Wellema Hat Co. Shop


An Afternoon With The Wellemas

Traditions and values are embedded into our lives since birth, it's what makes us human and it's what drives and motivates what we do in life. Some people know what they're meant to do at an earlier stage and they pursue that duty head on without any doubts. It's like love at first sight between that individual and their passion and there's nothing else they want to do but be in that state of euphoria doing what they love. Money and success isn't their main drive, it's a secondary thought because they keep working at their craft for the love and satisfaction of being able to grow each day. One of those people who truly aspires for this is hat maker, Cody Wellema.   

Everything from his inviting storefront, work attire, to the craftsmanship of his hats, everything is embedded with American traditions and values of the early 1900's. There's nothing more genuine and authentic as a well made hat crafted by hand by one person with machines from the turn of the century when honest work was the lifestyle. From each stitch to each brush stroke, Cody Wellema imprints decades of craftsmanship passed down through generations. Good service and relationship building with clients has always been the key to success and that is exactly what he offers at his shop. Here is our afternoon together with Cody and his charming wife, Shelby, at their quaint little store in sunny Altadena, California. 

Thank you for the hospitality and good times, Cody & Shelby!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

MQQNEYES Open House 2016 @ Norwalk, California_Pt. 2

The House That Dean Built

Since the 60's Mooneyes has resided in Sante Fe Springs building cars for dry lake hot rodding to drag racing and has made it's iconic cartoon eyes one of the most recognizable logos. It represents many aspects for car enthusiasts alike and is backed by a strong racing history and quality service. When you're a car enthusiast, you're never satisfied with just one genre - you love a variety of them. Mooneyes has built a community for people to congregate and share their love for all types of cars and motorcycles. Every year they hold an open house event for customers, families, and friends of all ages.

After my long tour outside of the shop, I finally made my way into the speed shop where I was greeted with a big pair of eyes painted on the shop driveway. You also can't miss their signature bright yellow building which got some fresh paint lettering from in-house pinstriper, Hiro "Wildman" Ishii. Born Free 8 bike builder, Kiyo from Kiyo's Garage, brought out his most recent builds and show winner, the great green Gekko as well. He woke everyone up at the show when he opened up the throttle on the CB1620. Beautiful piece of art to say the least and I was lucky enough to see it in action at El Mirage which I will be posting soon so stay tuned!

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