Monday, July 25, 2016

Wellema Hat Co. Grand Opening @ Altadena, CA


Your Friendly Neighborhood Hat Makers

It takes more than just the right tools to make any piece of quality clothing. There are foundational techniques that are still done the same way till this day. Knowing the fundamental elements and the purpose of vintage design is what makes all of the difference. Hatmakers have been around for hundreds of years and here in modern age, Cody Wellema opens his new doors in Altadena, California, like a early 1900's neighborhood hat shop that you can imagine in the movies. Well I as I imagined it to be, it turns out there were a few movie shots on their actual street that were filmed before. 

The giant shop windows let in the best light during the afternoon and the whole shop is illuminated - a photographer's ideal lighting situation. Mr. Damian from Monsivais & Co. was in the best seat in the house right next to those big windows. Another hatmaker from Los Angeles is coming out with hand tailored flat caps inspired inspired by early 20th century. I love the fit of the caps personally, I usually have a narrower cap so the width is something new for me but the material, the vintage fit, and the construction really sell this ticket. 

As the afternoon cooled down more people started to show up for the opening as well as the neighborhood BBQ. More friends, family, and fans showed up in proper attire as if everyone was from different time eras. Some of the photos can even take you back into time.

Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood, Cody & Shelby!

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