Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MQQNEYES Open House 2016 @ Norwalk, California_Pt. I


The Hungry Boy Drive-Thru Crew

As I was looking for parking I spotted all these bright cars parked at The Hungry Boy right next to the Mooneyes shop. There were two parking lots on the corners from the shop that were packed with all kinds of vehicles of all different styles. From lowriders to hot rods, and the creation below that looks like it's from Fury Road. Valhalla! The craftsmanship of the metal work and the details is hard not to keep wanting to look at this car. I love designs like these because they're not tied to a specific genre yet they take inspiration from a variety of automotive styles and mesh it into it's own unique style. There were so many angles I wanted to highlight but there were too many to choose from because every angle of this car is beautiful.  

IMG_3165-4 IMG_3169-6 IMG_3183-13IMG_3172-8 IMG_3180-11 IMG_3187-15 IMG_3176-10 IMG_3175-9 IMG_3195-21 IMG_3203-24IMG_3205-26 IMG_3207-27 IMG_3379-76 IMG_3381-77 IMG_3377-89 IMG_3162-78 IMG_3366-86IMG_3373-88 IMG_3185-80 IMG_3347-68


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Grits Co. Pop-up @ Brake & Rumble, South Park, California


Grits Grassroots

We all come from different backgrounds and everyone has a story to tell. These stories are expressed through our passions and our lifestyles. Here is a prime example of brand that executes their passions through clothing - Grits Co. Brand owners Levi and Toya have been making a strong presence with Grits for a few years now and the brand growing from their home in Houston, Texas. Some of the most humblest people I've met and the fact that their whole family is involved is what builds such a great foundation for this brand. A brand that ties values, traditions, and its timeless design aesthetic draws people from all walks of life to unite and represent themselves as part of the Grits gang.

Our good friends Matt and Marbrisa, owners of the quaint vintage shop in South Park, collectors and curators of everything rusted, stitched, and riveted, hosted the Grits pop-up shop for a weekend. The shop was a perfect fit and atmosphere for the pop-up with all the neighborhood friends and families stopping by to meet Levi and the gang. A lot of new faces today that felt so familiar because meeting someone you follow and interact with on social media is like you know them personally already. That's the beauty of the internet! 

Thanks to the Matt, Mars, Levi, Toya and the kids, and Craig for bringing his '31 Ford. That car and owner needs their own feature on here, don't you agree?

For Grits apparel check out their website:

IMG_2872-3 IMG_2892-14IMG_2875-5 IMG_2874-4 IMG_2886-10 IMG_2911-20 IMG_2907-19 IMG_2918-23 IMG_2923-25 IMG_2924-26 IMG_2926-28IMG_2928-29 IMG_2935-34 IMG_2984-50 IMG_2943-38 IMG_2988-55


Monday, July 25, 2016

Wellema Hat Co. Grand Opening @ Altadena, CA


Your Friendly Neighborhood Hat Makers

It takes more than just the right tools to make any piece of quality clothing. There are foundational techniques that are still done the same way till this day. Knowing the fundamental elements and the purpose of vintage design is what makes all of the difference. Hatmakers have been around for hundreds of years and here in modern age, Cody Wellema opens his new doors in Altadena, California, like a early 1900's neighborhood hat shop that you can imagine in the movies. Well I as I imagined it to be, it turns out there were a few movie shots on their actual street that were filmed before. 

The giant shop windows let in the best light during the afternoon and the whole shop is illuminated - a photographer's ideal lighting situation. Mr. Damian from Monsivais & Co. was in the best seat in the house right next to those big windows. Another hatmaker from Los Angeles is coming out with hand tailored flat caps inspired inspired by early 20th century. I love the fit of the caps personally, I usually have a narrower cap so the width is something new for me but the material, the vintage fit, and the construction really sell this ticket. 

As the afternoon cooled down more people started to show up for the opening as well as the neighborhood BBQ. More friends, family, and fans showed up in proper attire as if everyone was from different time eras. Some of the photos can even take you back into time.

Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood, Cody & Shelby!

IMG_2310-75IMG_2351-54 IMG_2427-33 IMG_2459-22 IMG_2323-68 IMG_2384-46 IMG_2415-39 IMG_2392-43 IMG_2348-56 IMG_2403-41 IMG_2439-28 IMG_2466-19 IMG_2474-16IMG_2467-18 IMG_2452-26 IMG_2456-24 IMG_2495-8 IMG_2484-11IMG_2491-9 IMG_2481-14 IMG_2523-4