Monday, June 27, 2016

GNRS 2016 @ Pomona Fairplex_Part I


Grains of Salt

The best part of living in Southern California? Hot rod shows and meets all year long, and the best ones hands down. Hence, annual Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. Car clubs and vendors congregate from all over the nation to breathe life into the Fairplex every year. As if there wasn't enough space to fill with the locals, the show continues to grow and the cars keep evolving. I knew this was a gonna be a journey for me so I tried to enjoy each individual hall at a time. Each hall showcases a different style of modification classes ranging from the shiny, candy-colored hot rods to the stripped-down, rust buckets called rat rods. Whether for putting on a show of superior detail or solely for the purpose of breaking land speed records, there's a car style for everyone.

Right after the ticket turnstiles, I was greeted with a "gasser-grin" in the comfort of her shady umbrella - the Radiator Lady was her name. It was just the beginning and I was already emptying ammo on the first two cars. It's time to chill, I've only passed by two cars and haven't even been inside one of the halls yet. Lucky for me, my first hall was one I was looking forward to the most - Land Speed Racing. Many of the participants I had met over at last year's final run at El Mirage in November so there were a few familiar faces. 

IMG_8604-45 IMG_8607-110IMG_8596-48 IMG_8595-49 IMG_8743-93 IMG_8623-44 IMG_8732-162 IMG_8637-173 IMG_8745-92 IMG_8638-108 IMG_9012-113 IMG_8644-172 IMG_8646-43 IMG_8656-14 IMG_8662-106 IMG_8663-170 IMG_8670-41 IMG_8671-105IMG_8676-104 IMG_8675-40 IMG_8666-42 IMG_8678-39 IMG_8681-13 IMG_8684-38 IMG_8687-103 IMG_8690-102 IMG_8691-101 IMG_8694-100 IMG_8697-169 IMG_8700-37 IMG_8715-98 IMG_8722-165 IMG_8723-97 IMG_8724-164 IMG_8729-35 IMG_8726-4 IMG_8731-95 IMG_8747-161 IMG_9008-114 IMG_8982-53 IMG_8984-52 IMG_8983-20 IMG_8988-19