Monday, May 9, 2016

TROG After Party 2016 @ Old Crow Speed Shop_Burbank, CA


Blood Thicker Than Oil

With all the complications that Hurricane Joaquin created for race fans last year in Wildwood, we can finally look back and laugh because 2016 is looking full proof for some beach racing. Mel and Bobby delivered the big news for TROG being held on both coasts this year and race fans and participants couldn't be more stoked. After the "storm" settles, Bobby the TROG boys throw an annual after party at the Old Crow Speed Shop which also landed the day before The Grand National Roadster Show so car clubs from Washington, Seattle, and even Detroit come out in their club jackets to represent. With all the hot rod clubs gathered this night, this was a special night for the Oilers CC/MC. For initiation into this club, extensive automotive knowledge, innovation, and passion are only part of process to get you recognized - it's the passion and interpersonal relationship of which they share together as a brotherhood. Each member is adds a strength and compliments everyone else's, that's what makes a solid club.

The Oilers have initiated 4-banger builder, Max Herman and hailing from Tokyo, vintage motorcycle expert, "Sushi" Atsushi Yasui. These gentlemen have participated in building and racing many if not all of the events hosted by the Oilers in the past years and have made their mark. Congratulations guys! Now let's party! 

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