Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hell on Wheels MC Stadium Steeplechase @ Glen Helen Raceway_Pt. 2


"Not the quarry, but the chase
 Not the trophy, but the race"

It's finally boiled down to the last few races of the day as the final two classes made their runs. Everyone already had their warm-up laps and were getting used to opening up on around the track. I gotta give it up to the tank shifter class guys for getting those clunky bikes off the ground on some of the jumps the dirt bike guys were flying through. I've been on a BMX track and I've been to a Tourist Trophy race but never have I attended this type of race on this big of a dirt track. Looking forward to the next round in April! Big thanks to Jedd and Tex from NLAMC and Go from Brat Style for keeping me busy.

IMG_8137-76 IMG_8005-126 IMG_8008-123 IMG_8013-120 IMG_8015-118 IMG_8021-115 IMG_8046-106 IMG_8049-104 IMG_8054-101 IMG_8104-84 IMG_8126-78 IMG_8257-42 IMG_8255-44 IMG_8262-40 IMG_8267-38 IMG_8008-123 IMG_8281-31 IMG_8310-22 IMG_8283-30 IMG_8286-28 IMG_8289-27 IMG_8294-24 IMG_8312-20 IMG_8329-15 IMG_8337-11 IMG_8341-10 IMG_8324-18 IMG_8353-8 IMG_8368-2 IMG_8352-9