Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hell on Wheels MC Stadium Steeplechase @ Glen Helen Raceway_Pt. 1


Earth, Man & Steel

This next event has got me and a few buddies off our solid pavement element and into the dirt for some wide open off-road racing. Home to many dirt bike and BMX races, Glen Helen Raceway caters to all race fans but for this special event, the Hell on Wheels MC conducted races on the Trophy Truck Track. This gave racers much more space for wider turns and longer straights in comparison to dirt bike courses. My good friend Jedd in his '47 UL and his buddy Tex riding the '53 Rickman, representing NLAMC, showed up in true colors racing in the vintage and tank shifter classes. With both riders out of their element, it was a learning experience to test their limits and for the pure joy of riding. Get ready Sunday motorsports fans!

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