Saturday, January 30, 2016

Horseless Carriage Excursion 2015@Irwindale Speedway_Pt. 3


My Favorite Things

Unlike the colorful and lively original score, I portrayed a much more "desaturated" and dulled tune for the last part of the Horseless Carriage event. As with my other posts, I always critique while I design each preview before I commit to the post button. With many of my event posts, I often get lost in the albums and lose track of where I was going and which picture I wanted to use. While I was searching around this specific album, I noticed I was running out of content to finish the "story" but after a few moments of scrolling, I decided to take a few out of the very few I had left and choose images that told their own story or represented my mood at that time. 

Retrospectively looking at these images and in the arrangement I placed them in, I realized that I was subconsciously telling the same story, but from a different perspective. When I get caught up in the buzz, my mind almost goes autonomous and I photograph everything I can, like I was programmed to do so. But for this post, I wanted just a small batch of intimate images that captured the atmosphere after most of the crowds left, when time slowed down...

IMG_5963-10 IMG_5959-11 IMG_5944-2 IMG_5941-20 IMG_5942-19IMG_5949-Edit IMG_5930-28


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Horseless Carriage Excursion 2015@Irwindale Speedway_Pt. 2


Grand Touring Time Machines

If you're one of the late arrivals (like me) that didn't get around to see all the cars in the parking lot, there's still hope to catch them all. As the cars begin to form the long caravan around the perimeter of the parking lot, map routes were handed out at the front entrance which gave me a chance to move around the line. Looking at the fleets of historic cars parading around the lot was like going into a time machine back into time. Each car had it's own personality which represented a specific theme or purpose of the vehicle. For example, some of my personal favorites were the "Jitney" Trolley and Holly's 100-year old steam car. Here are some of the most pristine and historical pieces of machinery that I've ever seen. 

IMG_5826-97 IMG_5822-100 IMG_5828-96 IMG_5830-95 IMG_5846-85 IMG_5851-83 _MG_4962-141 IMG_5842-88 IMG_5844-87 IMG_5832-94 IMG_5835-92 IMG_5899-54 IMG_5903-52 IMG_5861-78 IMG_5856-81 IMG_5873-73 IMG_5865-76 IMG_5863-77 IMG_5840-89 IMG_5859-79 IMG_5833-93 IMG_5878-69 IMG_5879-68 IMG_5837-91 IMG_5891-60 IMG_5881-65 IMG_5894-58 IMG_5880-67 IMG_5896-56


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Horseless Carriage Excursion 2015@Irwindale Speedway_Pt. 1


The Early Bird Special

Welcome to the first post of the year and last event from 2015! This was my first time attending a Horseless Carriage Club event and lucky for me this was their 60th Annual Holiday Excursion. The morning gathering took place at Irwindale Speedway which brought back reminiscent memories of the Mooneyes X-mas party, which I happened to miss last year. By the time I arrived, it was already close to departure for the excursion through Sierra Madre into Pasadena. With both canons loaded at both sides I jumped in front of every car I could to get as much coverage I could. It was hard to pick out just a few cars to feature every angle because there were so many coming in and out. Here are some of the cars I was able to get to before they lined up. 

IMG_5780-125 IMG_5778-126 IMG_5773-132 IMG_5775-128 IMG_5784-121 _MG_4958-146 _MG_4960-149_MG_4961-142 IMG_5785-119 IMG_5766-135 IMG_5771-133IMG_5769-138 IMG_5767-136 IMG_5768-139 IMG_5792-116 IMG_5790-117 _MG_4957-145 IMG_5783-122_MG_4956-144 IMG_5782-123 IMG_5798-114 IMG_5781-124 IMG_5805-109 IMG_5802-112 IMG_5796-113 IMG_5810-106 IMG_5816-105 IMG_5794-115 IMG_5807-107