Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Race of Gentlemen Apparel @ Old Crow Speed Shop


The Racer's Perspective

Although my highly anticipated trip out to New Jersey was considered a loss due to Hurricane Joaquin, I continue to seek out my next auto adventure before this year ends. Being able to photograph at Old Crow Speed Shop gives me a chance to see some really cool vintage race cars and see what projects they have going on. For the TROG apparel collection, I got the privelage of working with Old Crow's finest employees for my models. Sabrina is the coordinator for all their events and plays a big role for everything behind the scenes. Chris is also another key player in the company - other than working on the hot rods themselves, Chris is one of the most talented sign painters and pinstripers in the industry. Chris is a firm believer in doing everything by hand and his craftsmanship is impeccable. So here's the apparel that was available during the show and should be available soon on the TROG webstore! 

IMG_2587-175 IMG_2597-165IMG_2601-164 IMG_2613-158 IMG_2620-153 IMG_2623-154IMG_2649-141 IMG_2635-146 IMG_2646-145 IMG_2678-130 IMG_2662-137 IMG_2704-123 IMG_2797-99 IMG_2837-80 IMG_2843-77IMG_2849-75 IMG_3064-3 IMG_3051-7 IMG_2930-43IMG_2948-46 IMG_3048-9