Friday, August 14, 2015

CBNC_Intergalactic Boobetary

CBNC_Inyergallactic Boobetary_RGB-01

Pew Pew

It's been a long time since I started this piece, a lot of re-visioning, experimenting, and redesigning went into this before I was actually satisfied. I can't help the constant re-evaluating trying to "perfect" each piece. It's the curse of a struggling artist combined with my obsessive compulsive disorder with a dash of ADD all mixed into a cluster. But I'm satisfied now (so far) enough to print and publish it and I'm quite pleased with the result. Whether it becomes a t-shirt design or not, I'm simply satisfied I was able to present this as a gift on my behalf as token of appreciation and a way belated birthday present. Hope it was worth the wait!

More illustrations in the making! Looking forward to some future projects in the works with some really rad people. With limited time on my hands, it's a blessing to even be able to sketch something out on paper anymore. Time to dust off the webs, ol' Moleskine.