Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Old Crow Speed Shop x RedWiteBlue Co. @ TRIco_Los Angeles


The New Standard

With such a busy year in 2014 working on production, designing, collaborating and fine tuning the brand, RedWiteBlue is now available in person to purchase at our pop-up shop curated by TRIco in Los Angeles. The featured line is a collaboration with our good friend, Bobby Green, which is not something new but always exciting to see new projects come to life. Therefore, this showcase is all about presence and the historical backing of what both brands derived from and represent. Bobby is the master of visual presence and his staging props are from his own personal collection right out of his own garage. Walking around his shop transports you back into a time machine back to the early 1900's, you could swear that you're in a historical racing museum. 

The collection has a solid line-up of shirts, bandanas, vests, jackets, and 8-panel caps all handmade and sourced right out of Los Angeles, like any true heritage brand should. The mechanic's vests are made of Japanese Herringbone material along with the mechanic's jacket. Of course Old Crow shop tee's are a must along with shop bandanas all made with the finest quality of American spun cottons. And to literally top things off, our signature 8-panel caps with leather brims tie the whole collection together. This is just the beginning folks, we're already working on other pop-up location spots this coming year and an exclusive and very limited "rarities" collection. I'll keep you all posted when our new website goes live as well! 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Idle Hour Soft Opening@North Hollywood


Idling Rumble 

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been swamped working on multiple projects and planning out the next years' events. I was just complaining I had too much time a few months ago, but now all I can complain about is not having enough time and sleep. I realize how therapeutic editing, illustrating, and blogging is to my daily life if I ever have the time. 

A good friend, Bobby Green, who also runs the Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank and is involved with many other projects such as the 1933 Group, has finally opened the doors to North Hollywood's newest drinkery, Idle Hour. Along with 1933 Group's lineup of other snazzy drinkeries, Idle Hour consists of restored and rescued landmarks and architecture to preserve reminiscent memories of their LA origin. 

Of course a cast of tipsy friends and family of Bobby's were taking advantage of the open bar and hors d'oeuvres so I took my chance to snap some of the action before my triple-fisting endeavors got the best of me...  

my extended familia, Chris aka The Betty Hunter and my RedWiteBlue family. Salud!
The good folks from Santa Muerte Trading Co. made an appearance and my brother-in-law, Mitch, was my partner in crime for the night.
The one and only, Bobby Green, folks!
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Once Carol starts hopping around, you know where the sake was hiding. Always animated, friendly and always there to start the party.
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Famous import model from Japan, the lovely JJ, everyone!
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Congrats Bobby and to the 1933 Group!