Thursday, December 17, 2015

SCTA Land Speed Racing@El Mirage, CA_Final


As The Dust Settles

The final runs are making their way back to their trailers and people are packing up for the day. Some people stayed over night in their trailers on the frigid lake bed for the following day. Unfortunately, the next day didn't last long because of the gusty winds and visibility was hindered by all the dust. With all the dust in my nose and throat I don't think I could've tolerated the next day and focusing pictures would have been difficult as well. Although I could've photographed all day, it was time to cap the lens and head home. This was the last SCTA event at El Mirage for 2015 so I'm looking forward to the 2016 season for more action. See ya'll on the salt next time!

IMG_3425-78 IMG_3419-83 IMG_3421-81 IMG_3609-25 IMG_3608-26 IMG_3420-82 IMG_3541-48

Unfortunately for the Wild Turkey, it blew a head gasket on it's one and only run. They didn't have a spare for the day so they had to call it quits for this event. Next year it's 200 or bust!

IMG_3616-22 IMG_3613-23 IMG_3628-15 IMG_3627-16 IMG_3623-19

And lastly before we took off from the lake bed, Chris and I with our usual antics searched for an open area for him to whip out some donuts in his truck. I don't usually condone in deviant driving (after getting multiple speeding, racing, and illegal modification tickets) but this was an opportunity to not pass up. So here's a few shots of Chris the Donut Man and his Chevy truck making dust fly before an official stopped us and warned us about the $10k fine if we were caught.

_MG_4637-182 IMG_3635-14 IMG_3650-8


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SCTA Land Speed Racing@El Mirage, CA_Pt. 5


Into The Dusty Abyss

From your rolling start you're beginning to anticipate the miles ahead of you and hope that nothing mechanical goes wrong. As you start building speed, you're finally detaching from your push car - all cylinders are firing and the acceleration is climbing with your adrenaline. You're now in high gear and the howling wind intensifies as it drowns out the engine and your vision starts to tunnel as you almost blindly rocket off into a dust cloud ahead with only orange cones to somewhat give you guidance. Up until that moment, you hear your engine top out and you snap back to reality as you deploy the parachute and let off the accelerator. Within that short amount of time that you finally hit your top speed, all of time around you seems to slow down. 

A lot of anticipation happens in the lanes as racers visualize their runs and the actions that need to be taken for a successful take-off. Some racers are not as fortunate as others on some of their runs, problems with starting even with a push car or blowing out an engine can ruin the whole day plan for a racer. But most of the racers are well-prepared because they bring their garage with all the tools they'll need to a head replacement and such, while on the fly. Here's some close coverage and action from the starting line.

IMG_3433-71 IMG_3437-70 _MG_4639-180 IMG_3439-69 IMG_3309-132 IMG_3400-87 IMG_3332-125 IMG_3319-128 IMG_3543-47 IMG_3583-33 IMG_3322-127 IMG_3550-44 IMG_3564-39 IMG_3595-31 IMG_3572-36 IMG_3570-37


Monday, December 7, 2015

SCTA Land Speed Racing@El Mirage, CA_Pt. 4


Remove Before Flight

As the race cars slowly rolled up into the lanes, racers made last minute preparations waiting for their run. Among the 3 lanes, there's one lane that people are anxious to see the most - the 200-lane as they call. This lane is designated for those climbing top speeds over 200mph, which is the lane you'll usually see the rocket ship-looking cars and their take-offs sound like a jet taking off. Some of these cars only make a few runs before they retire for the day so each run is valuable for attempting to break records. Walking around the lanes you'll be able to see the variety of cars that participate in different classes. Here's a few of my personal favorites of some race cars that caught my eye.

IMG_3380-96 IMG_3384-92IMG_3386-91 _MG_4626-187 IMG_3381-95 _MG_4632-185 _MG_4633-184 IMG_3340-121 IMG_3315-131_MG_4602-200 IMG_3471-53 IMG_3469-54 IMG_3468-55 IMG_3352-110 IMG_3392-89 IMG_3445-66 IMG_3457-59 IMG_3461-58 IMG_3463-57 IMG_3317-129 _MG_4625-188 IMG_3554-42