Monday, October 6, 2014

South Bay Brewery Tour Pt. 1


LA Beer Week Warm-Ups  

Since I missed out on getting tickets to the "official" LA Beer Week, I decided to take some friends on a South Bay brewery tour. I'll be honest, I think we were a little ambitious trying to get through 5 breweries in less than 5 hours. Tastings turned into pints, pints turned into super flights, and sipping turned into chugging. Word of advice: don't set yourself up by calling out the inevitable, knock on wood and pray you knocked hard enough.

We'll eventually continue the tour with our goals set a little more moderately and realistically. First on our list, was Red Car Brewery which is located near Downtown Torrance. Red Car Brewery was established in August 2000 by co-owners Bob & his wife Laurie Brandt. Real genuine people who love brewing and serving their customers with a friendly handshake and an ice cold beer. 

My personal favorite of their house brews is definitely the South Bay IPA for all you hop heads, or the South Loop Porter for a robust dark beer. Be sure to inquire about their seasonal beers as well, unfortunately on our visit, they had not released their Pumpkin Head Ale which sounds tasty for the fall season.
IMG_2155-34 IMG_2213-37IMG_2158-39 IMG_2154-35 IMG_2208-24IMG_2197-26 IMG_2187-28
I always admire a brewery that not only brews a good beer, but is complimented with awesome graphics for labels and glassware.
Thanks for the backstage access and beer discussion, Bob!

Our second destination was my weekly work unwind at Monkish Brewing Co. One of my favorite breweries out here in the South Bay because their beer style of Belgians is what separates them from other Belgian breweries. Whether you're a beer drinker or not, they'll have a beer that will suit anyones taste or convert the non-believers. Using some of the most organic and unique ingredients, Monkish is the gold standard of Belgian style in the South Bay and even the greater LA area in my opinion. Free pretzels and peanuts are always available and not to mention the artisan food vendors that make their nightly appearances.

Three things that mesh this beer community.
IMG_2267-8 IMG_2232-17IMG_2260-10 IMG_2228-19IMG_2278-6

Our final destination was right around the corner, which is Monkish's counter role in the South Bay, Smog City Brewing. Two of my favorite beer styles right across from each other and stones throw away from work, total bliss. Making our way from anti-IPA land, we made our journey to South Bay's IPA specialist. This place is always busy, the taps are always rotating and Laurie Porter is always racking up the flights with a smile. Laurie is their sales representative but you can always find her pouring beers and manning the taps. 

Perfect pours every time.
What makes Smog City the IPA mecca of South Bay is their triple hop vine garden right outside the entrance. These are not for show either, they grow fresh hops on site which you can enjoy in their beers. Seeing the ingredients and being able to experience their flavors and aromas is what makes the Smog City experience so memorable.
IMG_2326-3IMG_2330-2 IMG_2342-1IMG_2322-36

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Slow Day At The Studio


Fashion Noir

When the day is slow at work, it kills me. With all this studio space and lighting equipment all in my grasps, I never miss a chance for an impromptu photoshoot with my fellow co-workers. Luckily for this day, my muse Loryn, was in her element and it made for some really moody black and whites. In the spirit of photography and good laughs, I joined and volunteered to get a few shots for my personal  portfolio pictures. It comes to show that when you're having fun, the best photos come out. 

IMG_2051-4IMG_2026-11 IMG_2028-10IMG_2032-8 IMG_2039-7IMG_2029-9