Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An Afternoon In The Outsiders BMX Garage


Yons1's S&M Bikes 38 Special Race Rig

When it comes to BMX, there's one guy that stays true to the game, whether he's rebuilding a collector's bike to a fully functional race bike, Rhandy is the BMX guru. I had a chance to take some shots of his 38 Special race rig, which I personally got to ride myself the last time we were out at Kearny Moto Park, on this sunny San Diego afternoon. Besides building and racing BMX bikes, he's also got all your BMX inspired clothing available all designed by Rhandy. I've also worked with him on a few design projects that we will be releasing in the near future. 

IMG_1693-16IMG_1677-6 IMG_1691-15 IMG_1687-14IMG_1686-13 IMG_1675-4 IMG_1672-2IMG_1674-3 IMG_1679-7
An oldie but goodie, Alpha Warrior x OTSDRS

Now back to the BBQ!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Lost Japan Finale Files 「日本旅行の最終日」



Posting up travel photos of Japan always sends me back in time and place but what I found (probably forgot) are photos of my final hours in Himeji. It's become a new tradition where friends and family party hard the night before the flight to make the flight going home a lot "smoother". These were some of the photos with my most fondest memories of people, places, and events that happened that night until the morning. 

A night like this would not have happened if weren't for The Terrible T3 (Toshi, Tomoko, TJ) with the assistance and care of Sachi. We've apparently adopted this group name due to our excessive partying when all three are combined, fueled by all you can drink, and then shoved into a karaoke box. It's those kind of people you know you're meant to be drinking buddies with to the grave. 

As for my final hours in Himeji, I wanted to see my favorite place where night magic usually happens. Ekimae, the shopping area around the newly remodeled Himeji Train Station. It's common to find these type of shopping areas filled with small food vendors, standing drinking bars, whole-in-the-wall yakitori, pachinko slot machine club hot boxed with cigarette smoke. At night, this is the place to go drink and play darts. Yeah that equation doesn't seem right to us but it's practically safe to be taking shots and throwing darts around, right? 

The sakura was almost completely over. Only a few small buds and withering pink petals remained, which weren't enough to coat the dirt path anymore. I wasn't too worried about getting any more shots, I've taken enough this trip.
IMG_0540-5 IMG_0541-4 IMG_0544-17
Next to sakura and warm sake, I also can't resist breaking neck multiple times a day when I see a fine piece of Japanese automotive machinery. Hence, Japan's other national treasure, the Godzilla of cars, the Nissan Skyline R34 sitting proper on white matching Volk TE37's. Even up until now, back from when I was still a pimply teenager drooling over the pages of the old Volk wheel ads when they were using R34's as models, my love for them remains.
IMG_0543-18IMG_0538-7 IMG_0539-6
My brother-in-law threw us a small surprise farewell party with our third member, who came all the way from Kobe to send us off properly. Started the night off at an izakaya where we loaded up empty stomachs that would last us the night, or in this case, morning.
Then of course, you head straight to karaoke till your throats run dry and the sun rises.
IMG_0402-29 IMG_0412-28
Tomoko is one of our closest friends, but don't let her innocent band geek appearance fool you, she doesn't hesitate to keep up with guys.
IMG_0468-14 IMG_0434-26
Before you know it, the sun is already past the horizon and working people are up making there ways to work. We might as well enjoy the sunrise at the castle and....
IMG_0483-13 IMG_0488-12 IMG_0507-22
...catch some Z's?
IMG_0531-19 IMG_0534-8
T3 Strikes Again!
Well folks, there you have it! The end of my Winter/Spring edition of my Japan travels for 2014. As things have turned out, I'll be back by next year and "staying" a lot longer than usual...
IMG_0513-10 copy