Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lucky Bastard Session@Mr. Lucky's Fine Tattoo Work


Where The Ink Runs Deep

Watching someone getting inked always gives me the itch to get some work done myself. I haven't fully taken the plunge to get inked anything bigger than a dime yet, but watching the progression of someone else's work has helped determine what kind of direction and concept I want in my tattoos. I came to admire the connection between the artist and their "canvas" and how the relationship develops throughout each session. 

It's been awhile since I last shot JP's first full sleeve tattoo sessions so I got another chance to document the progress of his second full sleeve done by well-respected, Mr. Lucky Bastard in Orange, California.  An admirer but above all, a knowledgeable and experienced veteran of love for Japanese culture, his office space felt like a piece of Japan sitting right behind him. The whole store was filled with all sorts of Japanese nick-nacks and of the sort which gave the whole shop a unique character.  

I'm no tattoo artist or anything close, but to see how clean and sanitary Lucky's work was indication this man is a perfectionist in every aspect. Details. Lucky has been tattooing back and forth from Japan since the mid-late 1990's, being absorbed into the culture, his Japanese style of tattooing developed to be recognized as one of the top in his industry.
IMG_1411-28IMG_1422-26 IMG_1426-25
IMG_1444-23IMG_1442-24 IMG_1461-18 IMG_1446-22IMG_1447-21
IMG_1496-11 IMG_1515-6
Welcome to Mr. Lucky's Japanese Museum! Check out al those original daruma pieces brought over directly from Japan
IMG_1484-14IMG_1487-13 IMG_1510-7IMG_1505-9 IMG_1517-5 IMG_1530-4IMG_1531-3
Finishing touches and on goes the saran wrap. Special thanks to Lucky for letting me watch and take pics during the session. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Mr. Lucky's Tattoo Fine Tattoo Work
745 W Chapman Ave

OrangeCA 92868

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy National IPA Day!


Hop Heads Unite