Wednesday, July 30, 2014

California "DED KADI" Custom Hurst


Born From The Grave

One of my greatest fears in life is waking up alive in a sealed coffin 6 feet underground. Just the thought makes me hyperventilate and sweat bullets, so you can imagine that Uma Thurman's scene in Kill Bill 2, when she dug herself out of grave had me clenched to my brown paper bag gasping for air. Coffins are the last place I would ever want to end up, even when I'm dead. So there would never be any possibility of me riding in a hurst, right? Well if the hurst looked like this, I would ride it till I die! 

While shooting a weekend charity event for a good friend of mine, the first thing I saw when I pulled up was this Ghostbuster-looking vehicle (by the way, their car was actually an ambulance converted hurst). The owner of the vehicle actually rents out the hurst for events, music videos, photo shoots, pretty much for any reason. The car has been through a major transformation from the previous owner who abandoned the project. It was neglected for months sitting in storage, but thanks to the owner's brother who had ambition for this car, rolled it out, cleaned, gutted, reupholstered, and remolded the car to what you see before you. 

The car is still am ongoing project car, and will probably go through another major transformation, but the car already makes an impression anywhere you drive it. Everything from the suicide doors, to the custom living room couch thats been bolted and retrofitted to fit into the back seat where coffins were rolled into, the details small or major all add character to this Funeral Coach.   

IMG_0032-11 IMG_0028-10 IMG_0019-7 IMG_0008-4 IMG_0006-3IMG_0021-8 IMG_0005-2 IMG_0002-1

Sunday, July 13, 2014

"F*ck You! Bob" Chocolate Hazelnut Porter Charity Beer


Just finished the label for the "F*ck You! Bob" Chocolate Hazelnut Porter thanks to our talented brewer, Jimmy Bueno. This beer was designed for a charity auction for a cancer survivor who is also auctioning off our services to the winner of the bids going on right now till this Friday! 

The winner will be collaborating personally with our brewer Jimmy and me as your label designer. We will brew and create 12 personal 22oz. bottles of YOUR beer tailored just for you and your friends to enjoy. 

Please check the link provided and search under "Auctions" under "Custom Beer Brewing" to place your bids! There are also 4 bottles of this exclusive Chocolate Hazelnut Porter up for auction right under the custom brewing auction.

From your friendly neighborhood beer lovers,

- Oddysee Brewing Services

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chasing Whirpools at Onaruto Bridge 「鳴門の渦潮を追いかけて」


As The Tides Turn

Alright folks, I'm finally winding down to my final posts from my Japan trip. It was fun and editing these photos and posting felt like I was jumping into a time machine every time I posted. I think it's been long enough to finally adjust to American life again since I came back. Japan will always be on my mind and be in my heart.

For our last trip we headed to Onaruto Bridge to see the whirls pools created by tidal currents between the Pacific Ocean and Seto Inland Sea. I'm a fan of bridges, especially ones in Japan, so I can never get enough of them. Besides the functionality of them, the aesthetics of them and their symbolic meanings are what interests me about bridges. 

Nothing like tako-meshi to fuel you for a road trip! Enjoying the seaside sights, the ocean breeze and a savory lunch made the perfect combination for this road trip.
IMG_0289-6 IMG_0291-5 IMG_0307-4
Maru has become quite the traveled dog, many more places to see in America!
...theres still at least one more chapter of my trip that sums most of my experiences. Stay tuned!