Monday, December 29, 2014

Mooneyes X-mas Party 2014_Pt. 2_The Wrap Up


To The Moon and Back

The show did go on much longer than my actual stay but I arrived right when the gates opened at 6am and with a full day of shooting scheduled, it was time for me to recharge my batteries. After a full afternoon of races and drooling over cars, I made my final walk around. The parking lot was almost at full capacity and more cars had arrived to fill up the empty early morning spots. Next year's plan is looking like I'll be going to the Mooneyes X-mas party in Yokohama, Japan for my next coverage. This may be my last post for 2014, with New Year's just around the corner, I'll be busy preparing some new projects for 2015. I just barely started getting used to writing 2014 on my papers and now 2015 is gonna take another year to get used to. Hope you all enjoy your New Year's Eve festivities! Thank you for all your support in 2014, looking forward to new projects and events in the new year. 


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