Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mohawk Bend@Echo Park

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Earlier this week, the wifey and I decided to try and venture off into new territory and find a new gastropub. When I have a craving for meat, I don't settle for less, I got to have a bloody slab of meat. That craving put me on a mission and ended up finding a gem in Echo Park. This place used to be an old theater, a retrofitted 100-year old Vaudeville theater that is. I highly recommend getting seated in the Ramona room, the skylit back room is amazing. Here's some shots of the interiors.

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Definitely one of the juiciest burgers I've had in a while. But what really had me was the beer collaboration they did with Golden Road Brewery and the commemorative glass you get to take home with you. The One Hundred and Two, Belgian Golden was smooth just like a belgian should be but you could definitely taste the malts over the hops. It was an interesting approach to brewing a Belgian and the tulip is a solid piece of glass, win-win situation.  

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Slurpcult Slow Strike

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Model: Jason Blake

Wardrobe: Slurpcult

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Chris Schellenger Portraits


Chris Schellenger_ 2013's James Dean 

America's Next Top Model Preview Party@Supperclub Hollywood

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My summer vacation is coming to an end I can't be any more grateful to Jonathan Roberts Photography for the many opportunities he's given me to shoot more fashion. It's been a busier summer than I expected and now that I won't have as much free time to shoot events like these but hopefully this last semester's photo alternatives class will produce some interesting projects. 

To be honest I haven't watched ANTM since like the 5th cycle and at that time it was just the girls competing, but this new 2.0 cycle involves both the guys and gals to compete. I think what really triggered my eye for this show was the behind the scenes shots of the models getting ready, the production of the photo shoot, the whole process was like actually watching how the industry really operates. As you would imagine, Tyra's presence doesn't escape her even when she's not on set. Here's a few shots of the runway show. 

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