Friday, July 26, 2013

Classy Chick Clothing Fashion Show@San Diego Marriott Del Mar

IMG_0240-Edit copyWM

It's been almost a whole year since I've shot a fashion event and worked with models. It's a completely different world than I'm used to since I mostly shoot inanimate objects that after shooting I can chug. When you're shooting a fashion show, you should always arrive early before hair and make-up because once the models check-in, there's always photo opportunities from the get-go so you can't miss a moment! Here's some shots from behind the scenes.

IMG_0017-Edit copyIMG_0020-Edit copy
IMG_0022-Edit copyWM IMG_0146-Edit copyIMG_0156-Edit copyWM IMG_0127-Edit copyWM IMG_0139-Edit copyWM
Once the models are all dolled up and waiting for the sun to set and the red carpet rolled out (which at this point would be a few hours), it's the perfect opportunity to pull em to the side for some beauty shots. There was so much available light and locations that it would be a waste not to shoot all the models back to back,
IMG_0163-Edit copyWM IMG_0206-Edit copyWMIMG_0231-Edit copyWM
The show had a whole pool terrace full of vendors showcasing there products and they even had a photo booth to take some pics to go. I, personally, am not much of a bow-tie guy (just never really found the right one to get me started), but Lord Wallington definitely caught my eye with their colorful collection of bow-ties each with their own personality.
IMG_0278-Edit copyWM IMG_0272-Edit copyWMIMG_0276-Edit copyWM IMG_0279-Edit copyWM
As the designers stroll onto the red carpet...
IMG_0302-Edit copyWMIMG_0321-Edit copyWM
...and the entertainment well under way...
IMG_0337-Edit copyWM was time for the fireworks to go off
IMG_0355-Edit copyWM IMG_0475-Edit copyWMIMG_0627-Edit copyWM IMG_0667-Edit copyWMIMG_1009-Edit copyWM
...and that's a WRAP!
IMG_1106-Edit copyWM

Big thanks to Jonathan Roberts Photography and Daniel MacSween for giving me this opportunity to shoot along side such talented photographers!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beautiful Truth Tattoo_Aline Gomez@CBNC HQ_Los Angeles

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Getting that itch to get some ink done? Allow our friend Aline Gomez to take care of that for ya. He's got some wild ideas and solid craftsmanship, definitely masterpiece work. He set up a pop-up shop at the CBNC HQ in LA and will be taking appointments and inquiries so hit him up! 



2020 N. Main St. #12
Los Angeles, CA 90031

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Elisa & Rich Maternity Portraits

IMG_0144-Edit copyBW

It's not usual for people to say that they actually like or get along with their neighbors. In the kind of neighborhood we live in, where our complex is constantly vandalized, cars are broken into, and gun shots pop off in the middle of the night, it's hard to let your guard down. In the past 3 years of living here, we haven't made friends with any of our neighbors until this past year. There's always the random folks you always see every morning walking their dog or heading out to work. It's usually nothing more than an acknowledgement and a friendly gesture but there's always those people that you instantly click with. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't ALL about their tattoos that caught my attention but the comforting casual conversation that wasn't superficial. 

Slowly our neighbors came in and out and it came to the point where we started enjoying living in the complex surrounded by good neighbors and it felt like home. Thanks to Rich and Elisa and a few other good neighbors who also just recently moved on, we were able to finally feel like we were at home.

Now with a new life coming into their lives, it's in their best interest to move on to another chapter. 

Here's some shots from our maternity shoot.

IMG_0070-Edit copyIMG_0205-Edit copy IMG_0171-Edit copyBW IMG_0108-Edit copyIMG_0175-Edit copy

もんぞううどん屋_Little Tokyo

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It's been hard dieting and staying off my carbs because I'm usually drinking it. I usually try to avoid eating them especially when it comes to rice and noodles. If you ask me what type of noodle I prefer I would definitely choose ramen noodles. The thickness of udon noodles always fills me up a lot quicker and I feel bloated after one bowl.

In my theory, when I eat ramen, I feel like the broth is what makes the dish as for udon on the other hand, the main focus SHOULD be on the actual quality and texture of the noodles. When I first watched the movie Udon, I realized that the movie really depicts the true artisans behind making udon very accurately. 

The movie is based in Kagawa which is famous for and also known as "Udon Country." The wifey and I are planning to load up on oodles of noodles on our next trip as we depart on our own udon adventure. Of course to counteract this trip we're gonna walk every where to burn off those carbs.

IMG_0078-Edit copyIMG_0039-Edit copy

As we approached the front of the restaurant, I noticed it was kind of dark and moody from the outside but upon entering you're eyes can't help but fix towards the front counter where a "magic show" happens every so often. With a little of research before hand I learned that Ken, the main chef and owner was an actual udon chef in Kagawa! Talk about having roots and being successful internationally, Ken may have found his niche in the udon industry in America is nothing short of being on top.

そろそろ 始めましょう!

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IMG_0021-Edit copyIMG_0009-Edit copy IMG_0024-Edit copy IMG_0014-Edit copy
IMG_0032-Edit copy IMG_0034-Edit copy IMG_0058-Edit copy IMG_0070-Edit copy