Sunday, April 28, 2013

An Evening with CY

IMG_0029-Edit copy

If there was one picture that would describe the rest of the night...this would definitely NOT be it. Such a docile looking CY in this warm, lazy setting on the Congregation patio doesn't even describe a fraction of the rager we embarked on through the streets of Old Town Pasadena. It was a smart move to leave my camera in a safe place for the remainder of the night. 


Dog Beach Daze

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The weather's starting to consistently warm up and the beach umbrellas are starting to pop up like daises on the shore. Spring is still my favorite season by far but living in southern Cali is hard to resist summer days at the beach digging your feet in the warm sand. I'm looking forward to surf competitions this year, I missed out the last few opens so I wanna make it out to the Vans surf open in July. I'll try to make an appearance in style with my candy blue lowrider bicycle and cruise the boardwalk. She's just been collecting dust and rusting up in my kitchen.

For a winter-coated dog, Peko loves to sunbathe and run free along the crashing waves at shore. I think he's already adapted to the weather we're blessed with in Cali. The dog beach is where he's most active and is starting to chase waves and venture off deeper into the water. He's also approaching bigger dogs to play chase with which when caught up to is rolled in the sand like a rag doll.

Here's a serene afternoon at Huntington Dog Beach with Peko.

IMG_0036-Edit copy
Making friends already!
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IMG_0040-Edit copy
Playing tag with his Mama
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"Bosou" Time!
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Feeling Bzzz Bzzz Bzzzed



SachiShowerIMG_0116-EditIMG_0084-Edit copyIMG_0145-Edit copy

I know it's been a while since I've consistently posted and I apologize! It's simply lack of time since I'm on home stretch finishing up my last year in school (for now) and making big plans for my trip to Japan at the end of this year. I neglected finishing up the boring general ed classes until these last few semesters and it's killing me. I'm officially only taking ONE photography class this semester so most of my time is writing papers and speeches so I'm barely behind the camera these days. 

So anytime being able to shoot is a luxury these days. Even with my kitchen studio completed I barely find time at home to shoot. Spring semester is winding down to the last 7 weeks which means crunch time on projects, papers and speeches. 

I've also been keeping myself busy designing some new artwork which may be available for you to purchase! Exciting right? I'm juggling a lot of things at once which makes it tough to finish projects so I'm jotting and sketching down those ideas in my trusty little sketchbook. With so many ideas to catch up with I'll be pretty damn busy on my "vacation" in Japan. 

Time is flying by faster and faster the older I get. I could have sworn time was supposed to slow down with age but I was wrong about that. 

I have so many files to edit on my computer and many pictures from last weekend's Coachella to post up so little by little I will update the blog. 

In the meanwhile...