Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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It's been way too long and I'm overdue for this but I finally got my first portfolio online! Sorry I sort of neglected this blog a little bit but now that most of the hard part is over, I can freely start posting more of my personal life on a weekly basis and not just my photography. Stay tuned but while you're at it browse through my portfolio now that some of my best shots are justified. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gastropub Summer Vol.IV_King's Row Gastropub@Pasadena


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King's Row Gastropub@Pasadena
20 E Colorado Blvd
PasadenaCA 91105

Summer is still in full effect and it's only gonna get hotter and more humid. I have been trying to be productive with my portfolio and it's starting to pay off. Thanks to another photographer in NY, I was able to finally set up my website which I will have a link on here when everything is mostly put together.

I've been hitting the gastropubs pretty hard lately and photos are piling up so I'm gonna take a "little" break and get the ones I've shot so far, posted.

The weather wasn't looking too good on the way to Pasadena, didn't feel like there was gonna be enough ambient light to shoot...

120718_2601-Edit copy
120718_2610-Edit-2 copy120718_2614-Edit copy
...but as soon as we arrived, things got brighter and the overcast helped evenly light the scenery!
120718_2616-Edit copy120718_2623-Edit copy
120718_2628 copy
120718_2632-Edit copy120718_2647-Edit copy
120718_2654-Edit copy120718_2662-Edit copy
120718_2666-Edit copy120718_2670-Edit copy
120718_2674-Edit copy120718_2676-Edit copy
120718_2686-Edit copy120718_2695-Edit copy
120718_2713-Edit copy120718_2716-Edit copy
120718_2717-Edit copy120718_2718-Edit copy
120718_2721-Edit copy120718_2725-Edit copy
120718_2731-Edit copy
120718_2735-Edit copy
120718_2760-Edit copy
120718_2743-Edit copy120718_2728-Edit copy