Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Roots of Covina

One of my favorite things about Covina is their deep heritage in the classic car world. Seeing these time machines in their pristine timeless condition I can almost hear those 50's tunes blaring out of a juke box while Darcy and her staff roller skate up to everyone's windows serving up those chocolate malts. 

Only had 20 minutes before my shift started and I wasn't equipped with my DSLR so here's my iPhone coverage of the monthly classic car show in Downtown Covina last Saturday


Gastropub Summer Vol.III_UMAMIcatessen@Los Angeles


120713_2559-Edit copy

UMAMIcatessen@Los Angeles
852 S Broadway
Los AngelesCA 90014

Last Friday, the wife and I headed downtown for the newest edition to the UMAMI group. UMAMIcatessen features a Kosher style-inspired deli section, a section dedicated to the exploration of pork from different parts of the world, a small cafe serving an array of donuts and their house blend of coffee, and of course a full bar and their flagship burgers to tie everything together.

Pub Crawl had just started and the place was packed because of the promotional media coverage. Groups of lucky volunteers sat around to create an atmosphere for the camera while sampling a la carte items from the menu. One of the media staff had tried to direct me to what to shoot while I was doing my own thing and told them I was NOT working for anyone at that time...haha. Maybe I should have played it off, I might have landed a freelance job with Bon Appetit!

120713_2523-Edit copy120713_2547-Edit copy
The interior is what really caught my camera's attention. Casked beer and bottle lighting installments
120713_2529-Edit-Edit copy120713_2532-Edit-Edit copy
The Cure - Kosher deli
120713_2543-Edit copy120713_2546-Edit copy
The PIGG revolving pork rack
120713_2552-Edit copy120713_2533-Edit copy

I usually only have enough room for their truffle fries and one burger when I eat at UMAMI so I apologize for the lack of variety of food shots for this trip. I ordered the Truffle Burger and Sachi ordered the Shrimp Burger with Yuzu seasoning. 

120713_2553-Edit copy120713_2563-Edit copy

I'll be back on my gastropub journey once again this coming Wednesday with a few friends who also share the love of a good brew and food photoraphy! Looking forward to a great photo session, gentlemen 

120713_2579-Edit copy


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gastropub Summer Vol.II_Father's Office@Los Angeles


Father's Office July 2012Father's Office July 2012

Father's Office@Los Angeles
3229 Helms Avenue  Los Angeles, CA 90034

This summer is heating up and there's nothing that entices my taste buds more than a gourmet burger and a hearty brew to wash it all down with. I guess it reminds me of all the bbq's during the summer when you pass by a park during the Fourth of July and you catch a whiff of those juicy burgers grilling. It was simple times back then when I was a kid when I lived in Chicago with all the summer picnic and family reunion bbq's we held every summer. 

My cousins and I would run around endlessly, dripping sweat, and our parents being Filipino would always hand a dry towel on the back of our shirts to soak up all the sweat so when the heat simmered down and the cool breeze came along we wouldn't catch a fever.

Food was bottomless. I would scuff burgers and chips every 30 minutes and I was amped up on soda and my body was immune to stomach aches from over eating and running right after meals. Good ol' days eh?

Now at 26, I'm still reminiscent of those burgers but with a grown man's palette for a gourmet medium rare burger garnished with fresh argula spinach paired with garlic aiola fries and depending on my mood, anything from a hearty IPA or if I want to go lighter I opt for a Belgian. 

This summer I plan to bring you guys coverage of gastropubs I plan too seek out and conquer. 

I gotta work out twice as much and watch my general diet throughout the week in order to balance out all the carbs I'm gonna be eating AND drinking...


Father's Office July 2012

It's always tough to choose your first beer...too many choices and so many progressions to go through. I always admire a nice Belgian with higher number to get my appetite going...Maredsous "10" please!

Father's Office July 2012Father's Office July 2012
Heirloom Tomato Salad
Father's Office July 2012Father's Office July 2012

Wasn't too long till appetizers and first round of beers were done...Allagash Tripel and keep 'em coming! That Buffalo Cheese "Wiz" was on point with those tomatoes

Father's Office July 2012Father's Office July 2012
Warm Olives medley & Sea Urchin Crostini***
Father's Office July 2012Father's Office July 2012

And for the main courses, a must and the game changers, The Office Burger and Buttermilk Fish 

Father's Office July 2012Father's Office July 2012
Always a treat coming here! It's gonna be a long, thirsty summer for me...
Father's Office July 2012