Monday, June 25, 2012

I now pronounce you...


Mr. and Mrs. Dooms be continued

Saturday, June 16, 2012


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CHEERS! the end of this spring semester. Finally get to put my feet up and enjoy a few rounds of brew. As every week's tradition follows, Sean and I seek out a new brew(s). We've pretty much found all the gems we could in our liquor stores but we rarely go out to actual bars and explore the vast variety they have to offer. 

My previous visit with Sachi was what got me hooked on not only the food, but the small flight glasses to sample. 

Welcome to Haven...Gastropub that is!

Nice rustic warehouse interior with a few modern accents and they REALLY brew their own beer in the restaurant.

I'd def recommend their 100 Rubles Russian Imperial Stout

Restaurant Week in Pasadena is still in full effect so get your kicks in before the specials end!

Haven Gastropub

42 S De Lacey Ave
PasadenaCA 91105

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Thursday, June 14, 2012



Dark Field


Thanks to my favorite band for years of inspiration in all my work and for the great album artwork to go along with the music!

This particular piece was based off of their second album cover, 大人 in 2006, which was done in two versions, a square blue perfume bottle and a gold bottle with a smaller black square top. Being one of my favorite albums it was only appropriate to dedicate this next commercial lighting project to them since they broke up last year....



Photo Group Project

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CHEERS! Jody, Caroline, Chalres and I can't forget about our stand-in "grip" Miriam for getting this awesome shot! Thanks everyone for being an awesome group! 

Power Point Stars for LIFE!

I'm gonna miss this class and all the shenanigans...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

San Diego Weekender 2012


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The more and more I come to San Diego to visit friends or a random mini road trip to pick up furniture from Ikea, I start digging the thought of moving there would nice. SF definitely still the top pick for me right now but I hear good things about New York. I would love to snap shots all around The Big Apple. 

For this trip to San Diego, we ACTUALLY got to vacation for a few days and really unwind. On our way out of downtown we passed by La Jolla to see if the weather was better on the other side. Despite the slight overcast the sun was bright enough and even did me a favor by casting a soft, diffused even light across the scenery. Thanks sun. 

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I would usually take the time to find info about the restaurants I shoot in but given the lack of quality service we received, I'm just gonna pass. BUT, the interior made for an awesome photo opportunity!
Moroccan culture at it's finest. Sitting in that dim, quiet corner we were heavily plushed with fluffy pillows. It made me feel like I was eating dinner in bed, so comfortable I could've passed out and taken a nap. 

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One blessing after another, the sun is barely shining through the clouds, as a departing photo gift for me. 

"You stay classy San Diego!"

-Ron Burgundy 

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