Sunday, April 29, 2012



Studio Time


This semester required a lot of time to work in the studio and it has been such a commodity for my own personal photography. After having so much access to expensive studio equipment, lighting an medium format cameras I don't think I'll look at photoshoots the same again. I'm definitely gonna take advantage this's my first assignment about lighting, eh...basic, simple fill card for one of my egg shots. Not so excited on this one but the simple basics are the foundation for more complex assignments I'll be doing throughout the semester


Time to...


Sean and I have been keeping up with our weekly (sometimes bi-weekly...) Wednesday benders when we go on a mission to taste every beer they have on tap or bottled...and NO, I'm not talking about that Sam Adams half -ass microbrew wannabe crap. I got one liver, better ruined with gold than tarnishing it with that piss water they want us to drink at work

San Francisco 2012



Home Is Where The Bay Is

Happy Sunday everyone! I finally have SOME time to complete a few posts I've been lagging on. My iPhone is running out of space and I finally blew off some cob webs off the DSLR and got me shooting proper once again. I'm telling ya...these new iPhones and their in-phone photo editing apps can really make a photographer lazy...I would snap all day with my DSLR, lug it around on trips, ragers, even just to go eat at a restaurant. I was constantly taking pictures, edit when I get home and like clockwork got them onto my blog.

I'm trying to ween myself off of this iPhone but it's tempting when you got this kind of quality and convenience at your fingertips.

Anyways, here's my iPhone pics from San Francisco on our second trip with Hanae.

We drove up to SF and stayed for only a night and a half.

I haven't been up here since summer 2008 when I was making a stop over going to Japan. I was actually stranded at SFO because I didn't have my visa to enter Japan but luckily my uncle lives up in the bay so I was able to get everything settled in a few days. Rode the BART, walked around Downtown, took the cable cars to get around...and all this made me realize how beautiful the city because we're so car/freeway-dependent in LA that we never get to actually "FEEL" this city. Well, I don't think many people wanna "feel" LA in the first place...who wants to feel grungy and ghetto?

San Francisco reflects its population. Inviting.

People are so helpful and approachable out there. No one mean-mugged us in any way, people helped us find our way around, definitely a tourist friendly city.


The cable car system is my favorite part of getting around. Such a convenient way of getting from downtown to Fisherman's Wharf.

I constantly smelled pizza so it's convenient when you spot a pizzeria (which was every other store) just hop right off the cable car and get your smash on knock a few cold ones back and continue your adventure at Fisherman's Wharf with some clam chowder.


Downtown is full of sights and sounds of city life. Something jazzy about the architecture, night lights illuminating people on the sidewalk, and street performers at every street corner.



SF has potential to be our new home in the I know what Tony was singing about


Friday, April 6, 2012

Las Vegas 2012



Liquid Redemption

If you haven't noticed starting from the previous post, I've been using my iPhone 4S to shoot and multiple editing apps to finalize each shot. I know, I know...I've always hated on "Phone Photography" and Instagram (which I still do) because of the ease of mimicking analog camera using programmed filters. But now I find myself editing constantly and simultaneously every single photo I take. My poor DSLR is starting to collect dust...

Anyways, here's the second part of my little vacation before this semester started.


...enough said. It's been 4 years over due for a bender in Vegas and I was not planning to hold back especially after that episode we had in Grand Canyon. Passed by Hoover Dam to check out the newly built Mission Bridge. So glad to get out of Arizona...


...these were the toughest shots to take because of my fear of heights
FINALLY! Lucy, I'm hooooommmeee-


Fat Tuesdays is where I ALWAYS get familiar...3 extra shots to top me off