Monday, February 27, 2012

Grand Canyon 2012



Worst of Luck

...had some of the worst of it on my recent trip to Grand Canyon. First time ever going, drove 7 hours after having one hella of a rough night at work the night before. Woke up 430am, after knocking out at 12. Knocked back a 5-Hour energy, 2 large grape Gatorades, and hoovered a bacon breakfast burrito from Alberto's. The perfect cure for ANY hangover.

The drive was nice and sunny for the most part. The xB could barely go up the hilly highway near Bullhead and beyond.

Nothing to see for miles.


Then we get up to near Flagstaff and it's all snowy...ok I'm confused. I thought there was only deserts and cacti. After getting to the point of viewing a huge disappointment was blocking the view we drove 8 hours for, FOG.








After a few hours walking around and smashing on some pizza on the way down, we decide to head out to Vegas so we could make it in time to party it up with Joemm and the rest of the CBNC crew coming from Magic.

So we're dippin' down the Hwy 40 and the snow is already blasting my windshield killing my visibility... it gets to a point where I can barely see 5 feet ahead of me. I was cruising at a good 60-70mph before I decide that at those speeds into a patch of black ice is gonna send us off into a ditch possibly crash into the guard rails and get stuck.

Eventually the traffic slowed down but it wasn't long till we got to a complete stop bumper to bumper because driving in that weather was becoming a safety issue especially if you didn't have traction on snow and ice.

Anyways, long story short...we got stuck in that 25 miles of traffic for 15 AND A HALF HOURS!

The two girls, Peko and I waited and simultaneously took naps and in between turn on the car to use the heater so we don't freeze to death. Idled for restrooms, no food, no water, NO VEGAS!....

7:00 right before sunrise at the Grand Canyon


our frozen hotel room on wheels...
both lanes on the highway were all scattered with big rigs...

We started finally getting news about the highway being cleared up and the ADT were gonna let us finally start driving. I guess there were a few huge semi accidents during the peak of the storm and the trucks that were involved were carrying highly explosive substance.

After those grueling 15.5 hours cooped up in a little Scion and missing out on Vegas, the lady going nuts and yelling out her window how she hates not being to use a restroom, was kind enough to let me crack a few Bud Light Platinums and some peanut butter cookies

Worst experience ever...but I knew all would settle once I finally get to a Fat Tuesday in Vegas



Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back To The Lab


Sorry for the long absence! Just cleared the clutter and expanded the work on the lookout for my OFFICIAL work website