Sunday, November 27, 2011

AJ's '03 Evo Killer

IMG_0388-Edit copy

236_Evo Killa

AJ has been one of my best friends since I moved to Cali 16 years ago. We've perved over countless Import Tuners, Super Streets and a good amount of his dad's old Playboy videos. What more can 10 year-old boys ask for?!

I guess in adolescence you develop your future self with all the people and activities you do.

I wouldn't have had it any other way growing up down the street from AJ.

He was and still is one of the most laid back pervs I've ever had involved in my life. He may not know this but he's def one of the biggest influences in my life even till this day.

My car knowledge would've been stumped if it wasn't for him always wanting to do something to one of our cars.

In high school we found a whole flock of degenerates just likes us with the same passion for cars, boba, and illegal drifting in FF cars behind our local Stater Bros. and a strange fetish for Korean girls and dramas...but that's neither here or there

I remember when AJ first rolled into my driveway with his bright rally blue car. I already that this wasn't gonna stay stock or even carb legal for much longer.

We spent a lot of time under this car and a lot of time messing with his stand alone fuel management system. A lot of time dipping out on the local "strip" racing each other and other homies in Corona we grew up with.

So it's been a good 8 years since the day I saw that brand spankin' new WRX to become what it is today...this bright blue beauty that I bless you with today

Blessed the day be to grant me such heavenly weather and lighting.

Best Thanksgiving ever.

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AJ, it's been a long journey old friend...words can't explain my gratitude and love for you man, you've always been a good friend and I consider you and your family as my own. Thanks for the opportunity for letting me be part of your life and all the good times we had working on cars and being little deviant bastards in school and of these days let's go egging OC like old times ya bro, your car looks way too fucking sick, I hope my pics did justice

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I dedicate this post to Tito Alex who has departed from this life but has left Tita Helen and Alexis one of the greatest blessings to care and protect them for the rest of his life, Alex Jr.

They're in good hands Tito Alex, as long as AJ is there he will always have his friend's and family's love and support.

Rest in peace Tito Alex



Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Will




Oh, so I got married.

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No for reals, I did.

I am overwhelmingly happy too.

Sachi and I finally tied the knot last Tuesday afternoon. We've been waiting for the right moment to do it and the right date came along. There's a significant meaning to the date as well:

11.22 in Japanese can be read as "ii fuufu" which means "good married couple" which is the real meaning for getting hitched this day.

We had a small ceremony with the few people that matter to us the most. It's only a small ceremony for now but when we save up enough money for next year's ceremonies we'll make sure to invite all you party people! You got two options: Japan or America..or if you're ballin' you can attend both

I'll be back on this post after I have pumped a generous amount of liquor and beer in my system so I can get all soft and mushy with all the thank you's I need to shot out

In the meanwhile, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO GREETED ME AND MY WIFE! have no fucking idea how much I love ya'll

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lisa's Coffee Shop & Diner_Covina, CA

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Lisa's Coffee Shop
1530 W San Bernardino Rd
Covina, CA 91722
(626) 339-2014

Ever since Cindy and Mike started coming in the nights I work the sushi bar, and ever since we started our American Breakfast Sunday tradition, we have developed more than a ritual or being a regular, we've now become...drinking buddies. The highest privilege of all friend rankings.

I love the food.

Nothing gets better than traditional American dining on Sunday morning...especially when you've been out on the town the night before and you're nursing that hangover, those juevos rancheros can cure more than you know.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Xavier's Cafe Racer & Finished Helmet

IMG_0287-Edit copy

Finally finished Xavier's helmet and got a chance to get a few shots of the bike and the helmet in their glory. The bike that inspired the whole theme and design for helmet. Crossing my fingers that I get a chance to have Xavier build me one of these soon...

IMG_0251-Edit copyIMG_0249-Edit copy

IMG_0242-Edit copy

IMG_0266-Edit copyIMG_0277-Edit copy

As I was listening to some Johnny Cash for inspiration I came across this video for the song...I find it very appropriate to the song, The Undertaker was my childhood hero



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DTLA_Cloudy Day Randoms

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Went shooting with Sean in DTLA for his landscape project. So glad the weather was on our side this I love rainy/cloudy days, makes for awesome photography lighting.

I'm trying to make every opportunity to shoot something these days. I guess you can say I'm having artists'/photographer's block. I've been so lazy to even bring my camera these days but I have a new mission: to shoot everything at least ONCE, then come back to the same subjects and find different ways to shoot it.

Here's the few pictures I chose out of the whole batch which was over a hundred and over a few hours of driving, walking and shooting to get these shots

IMG_0329-Edit copy

IMG_0336-Edit copyIMG_0346-Edit

IMG_0338-Edit copy


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Running with the wolves

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Lately I've been having these creative impulses to get out and do something more exciting, try new medians, techniques, different angles, lighting etc etc.

Being a designer is somewhat of a curse. Everything you see, touch and always question. For me, it's been a lot easier to channel out certain aspects of my life due to design.


I have less patience and tolerance for poorly designed, unorganized, and insufficient people and objects. I think having ADHD has something to with it as well. I'm a perfectionist; nothing is ever "good enough" for me especially when someone else does it. I can be my own harsh critic and that's fine because I know myself enough to be able to control certain variables in my life to get the best results. Of course besides me there's my significant other who's the balance and leveler in my life.

Where I'm going with this, I have no fucking clue.

I guess age and career are starting to lure over my head and going through this whole process of the transition from being a student fucking around, partying and bullshit, working a part-time job to fulfill my weekend endeavors and becoming an opportunist, setting goals and making the paper.

Working in the sushi game for 6 years now and working for my current sushi bar for over a year now has worn me the fuck out. Especially the past year since we got a Japanese-Bruce Lee wannabe-Predator haircut having-testosterone driven-poser-fuck face-washed up musician as our manager with 4 years less experience than me running the damn show. It's been nothing but a fucking dead end for me.

For once in my life, I'm finally starting to feel the second part of my life phase out and all the bullshit I don't need in it.

I've always been a people-person, and a lot of times being too nice and trying to find the good in people os just too much of a fucking task. Especially when people around my age who consider themselves "adults" act like fucking kids.

It's funny how all the shit-talkers like to congregate together with other shit-talkers who all share the common shit-talk. I guess they believe in strength in numbers.

My whole lifestyle's changing...I'm HUNGRY, and there's no more bullshit for me to take from anyone or anything so if you're ever looking for me, try finding me out there running with the wolves





Monday, November 7, 2011

Currently listening to...


slowly becoming my new favorite she-devils

Helmet Design Progress 11/7


I'm winding down on the last stages of this project and I gotta wasn't easy. I've painted a Dunny before and that was difficult to get my proportions right and it was all done freehand.

Transferring was key for this project. I was gonna just wing it and freehand this too but that was not gonna happen the way I would've wanted it.

All those years in elementary when they taught us the many uses of tracing paper and how to transfer paid off.

Got exactly what I wanted transferring but what surprised me the most was how well it looked after it was fully painted and boldly outlined. Unfortunately some smearing happened on the face but I was able to recover from it.

Got so inspired with what I had, the rest of the helmet was naked, especially the to give it that complete fighter plane look I gave it some shark teeth and eyes to really set off the whole theme Xavier was going for.

Finishing the painting of the teeth and off to bake the clear coat on right after

Sachi found the GREATEST video ever. I'm a big fan of enka and this artist named Freddie pops up with a new genre of enka which he calls en-soul! AMAZING. This song I can relate to the most because, yeah, love IS waiting at Kansai airport....www

Peep his track:


Friday, November 4, 2011

GAMViT_Band Portraits

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>>GAMViT_Himeji City Hardcore

Although I didn't get to go to one of their live shows, I was able to get a private photo session at the local studio. First time being in a recording studio and didn't know what to expect. I've been to a few rock shows before but when you got headbanger's going wild in a small sound-proofed room...all the sound decibels go straight to your eardrum

The other band member couldn't show up, so it was an impromptu sesh between Daikun and Toshi

I hope the next time I visit Toshi I will actually have the honor of mosh-pitting or even crowd diving during their live performance

IMG_1351-Edit copyIMG_1444-Edit copy


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