Thursday, August 4, 2011

Helmet Project Design

Working at a sushi bar in Downtown Covina provides two major things in my life: memory losses after work and creative outlets of my talent

I've met all sorts of locals, from Mongols to strippers named Dolly...very loyal regulars

A good friend of mine who I met through Bishamon from my humble beginnings behind the board, recently got into building cafe racer motorcycles

What a fine builder he became to be! Very impressive piece of machinery it came out to be...every bit of detail built, resourced out, and polished. One of the cleanest bikes I've seen, especially since every guy in Covina with a handlebar mustache is riding a loud ass hog with sleeveless leather

My new canvas for this project is a KBC Stealth Helmet...looking forward to painting up this helmet for the bike show in early September