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Our last and final stop on our 2-day tour of the Kansai area was Umeda and Kyoto. I was hoping to get a shot of the same place I was 3 years ago during the summer. Got to the spot but the sakura had already been was a king stretch but I figured the time we went I wasn't gonna be able to get the full bloom scenery of the temple

Umeda was legit, even though we really only passed through on our way to the station to get to Kyoto. Next time I plan on sightseeing more of Umeda, Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori are ghetto compared to Umeda, the Beverly Hills of Osaka

Beautiful morning in Dotonbori
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The current residence of Boba Fett
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On our way to Kyoto we spotted the Meiji factory! Home of Japan's finest chocolate
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Finally got to Kyoto station, had quite a bit of trouble lugging around our luggage trying to find some decent space to lock our belongings. All lockers were full and we were tired of carrying it all around but luck may have it that they had a luggage company that's cheaper and more convenient.

Along our bus ride, Sachi and I spotted an awkward couple, a Japanese girl with pigtails and dressed like an asian schoolgirl fetish porn actress and a gargantuous white tourist guy...we teased about his yellow fever all the way up to the temple hoping the naughty situation was gonna pop off...this story might seem random but the funny part is how I totally saw the SAME girl at a gift shop at the Osaka airport a week later, I'm guessing she "poaches" the arriving passengers

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not so winning....
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the driver opened the door while driving while I was leaning...well pressed against the door and almost fell out with camera and all...
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We got lazy with the last part of the trip and decided to head home to get some grub with okaachan and to play some GT5...obaachan should have never got us that PS3

Passed by Sannomiya on the train and got a few shots of Akashi bridge...we will be back Kobe and it may even be permanent

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