Monday, June 20, 2011

Final Memoirs

Frustration in a clouded mind. Had a good rhythm going for my first time getting serious in between pages. Unfortunately too man mishaps can, literally, tear you apart (pardon cheesy pun)

I was stacked with multiple projects for myself, clients and school final projects the past few weeks and these were some of the last shots I took before it was "disposed of"


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


IMG_0192 copy copy


Had half a day in Osaka and stayed in Ame-mura. We got to catch an awesome sunset walking to Dotonbori. Night life in Osaka one of my favorites in Japan.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


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I love Kobe, straight up. Sachi and I have been evaluating where our possible nest will be in the next few years (hopefully) and Kobe is on the top of our list right now. If possible working anywhere near central Kansai would be heaven for me, that or if we have, Tokyo most likely.

Everything was just peachy until it drizzled for the whole day after we arrived, so we stayed in after a quick run in Kobe before it got too wet outside. Managed to get a few good shots but next year I'm on a mission to get the Kobe Port Tower and Harbor Land

Kobe has gotta be the cleanest city I've seen in Japan.

IMG_0069 copy
what I aspire to be after I exchange all my dollars to yen
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First time in Kobe, always wanted to see Harbor Land but I guess someone up there wanted to rain on my parade...sucked but still had a blast with Sachi's old school friend Tomoko. She lives really close to all the bars and a block away from Round 1.

First thing we did was head out to an izakaya, forgot the, but here this, all-you-can-eat AND drink for only 25 bucks. That sounds like all-you-can-party to me. Overloaded on Johnny Walker and Suntory whisky...gave me rollover drunk the next morning/day

I was so impressed with how things were in Kobe, not too much of the Tokyo rush, still a lot of people and homosexual cosplayers, a lot of bars, izakayas, and after hour spots, perfect amount of city for me personally. Oh to live in Kobe, fingers crossed.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

花見_pt.2: Shiba Breeders



Right before the end of the cherry blossom season, we went to a little river area that was glazed with white sakura. We picked up bento from the new Ishioka favorite, Hotto Motto...feasted and crushed a few cans of beer. Sachi's mom is so funny because I know at times like these she would love to pound down a few ice colds but since she's driving she's very cautious about drinking and driving, so she resorts to non-alcohol beer...haha so responsible yet she accomplishes to feed her thirst for the taste of beer

Destiny may have it that Sachi and I happened to have been looking for a shiba while we were Japan...and we just happened to be on the way to one Kansai's top shiba inu breeders. I've seen a few shibas in person in the past few years but being at the kennel was impressive...and stunk

IMG_0540 copy
IMG_0566-1 copy

IMG_0569 copy

As fate may have it, we found our new son....the only male out of the liter too! score. Black, male mame's destiny my friend, the little one right in the middle. I believe at the moment of this photo, he was only 20 days old

IMG_0571 copy

IMG_0583 copy

IMG_0595-1 copy
...the breed mixed with drugs and a japanese boy
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