Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pre-Chubby Boob 3-Year Anniversary Setup@Ronin Gallery

Pre-Anniversary Shoot@Ronin Gallery_3Pre-Anniversary Shoot@Ronin Gallery_4

Ronin Gallery
4210 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3028
(323) 284-8782

Check out what my boy Damien's been producing, holding it down at the Ronin Gallery in LA.

Chubby Boob and Gods of Geometry got together to host Chubby Boob's 3-year anniversary party at Ronin. They also did a collab tank tee available on either website.

Had my apprentice Sho getting used to shooting anything anywhere on a dime. Met up with Joemm in Little Tokyo for some half ass ramen at Orochon, headed to the gallery. Damien was still setting up for the event that coming Saturday.

For some reason we just said fuck it, let's just throw down an impromptu photoshoot.


Here's the piece that "upcoming" David Flores did on the gallery wall...when I say "upcoming" please not I'm being totally fucking sarcastic

Pre-Anniversary Shoot@Ronin Gallery_1
Pre-Anniversary Shoot@Roni copyPre-Anniversary Shoot@Ronin Gallery_5

Pre-Anniversary Shoot@Ronin Gallery_6
God of Geometry
Pre-Anniversary Shoot@Ronin Gallery_8Pre-Anniversary Shoot@Ronin Gallery_9

Pre-Anniversary Shoot@Ronin Gallery_7


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Friday, perfect ending to the perfect beginning

So this is how my weekend begins. All-you-can eat doesn't really mean you actually get to eat. Not complaining, nothing to yack later. What's on everyone's agenda this weekend? Psh, CB 3 Year of course...duh! All weekend long back to back! I am NOT looking forward to losing my memory...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


IMG_0444 copy


Settling in back into my Covina circadian rhythm wasn't easy these past few weeks so I've been trying to get back into my steady workflow again.

Spring is my favorite season in Japan, hands down.

The weather is a bit chilly. During the day is awesome for riding bikes everywhere and it's legal to drink and ride! Well at least I thought it was?...

This was my first time seeing cherry blossoms which was awesome, it gave me a nostalgic impression which reminded me of snow. With the beer keeping me warm throughout our tour of Himeji Castle, the afternoon went on with endless shooting in and around the perimeter of the castle.

If words couldn't express the beauty and feeling of this experience, then don't expect it from this blog because even pictures wouldn't do 100% justice


My prior suggestion was that sakura was more of a pinkish pigment but they're actually quite white. I was informed that there IS another specimen of cherry blossom that IS pink but in contrast to the white cherry blossom trees, this one's branchs sag and hang much like a willow tree.

Sachi's mom should work as a photographer for Himeji Castle. Skills www





IMG_0296copyIMG_0310 copy

IMG_0330 copyIMG_0335 copy

IMG_0345 copy

IMG_0339 copy

IMG_0343 copy


I've got a thing for castle horizons
IMG_0348 copy

IMG_0350 copy

IMG_0355 copy

IMG_0356 copy

IMG_0368 copy

IMG_0371 copy

IMG_0380 copy

IMG_0383 copy

IMG_0391 copy

IMG_0394 copy

IMG_0428 copy

IMG_0400 copyIMG_0432 copy

IMG_0447 copy

IMG_0458 copy

IMG_0471 copy

IMG_0479 copy
IMG_0502-1 copy