Monday, April 18, 2011




I've spent a lot of time in Himeji the past few weeks and I'm still NOT bored. It's smaller than the other big cities like Kobe and Osaka, but home is where the beer is cold with a freezing beer glass in the refrigerator.

I love riding bikes down to the ekimae (train station area). There's always a restaurant that catches my attention and that's probably every 5 steps I take.


Sorry, I had to stop and pics of these gems. I've always been a big fan of cars, first it was the whole JDM scene circa 2001, had a few runs with 3 different cars, miss my Integra STILL...tried doing a monster Trueno, then had a hand-me-down 91 Honda Accord aka "The White Beast." That was my favorite, it was like my bedroom on wheels. Super low-key car, I could drive drunk as fuck across the country and not once be suspected to be intoxicated in THAT thing...

Time to get VIP'd up but when my 95 GS300 went to shits, I gave up. I was looking at kits, wheels, paint, and suspension and all those to get me to phase 1 of how I wanted my car to look like was looking at a price tag of 10,000 buckaroos...

...fuck that, I'm just gonna daily drive it stock with a stupid system.

Hence, the end of me and the import scene...but NOW, since I'm behind a good investment of lenses and camera equipment, I'm gonna be doing the poor man thing and take pics of other rich, spoiled kids' cars that mommy and daddy paid for...*insert sarcasm*


I gotta get on it and take more time to get some more pics of the rad ass rides in Japan. They don't got muscle cars like we do in America but they got sweet ass old school bosozoku style oldies...we got muscle, they got crazy stance and spool








I got this horrible obsession with purikura. Go ahead, LAUGH. No I don't use Sachi as an excuse either, I'm the one who drags her to these. It's so fucking cheesy these days in Japan...they're no fun. It's fun if you're a kyabajou and you wanna sell your pussy on the internet...or you're having a girls night out and you're wearing 20lbs. of make-up. These damn machines have revolutionized towards this crowd, it's not for little jr. high kids anymore...or is it?

Is Japan trying to mature their 12 year-olds that quick now?! oh god, please don't let me get aroused by the thought of's not right. When we're out in the shopping arcades, I'm totally people watching. EVERYONE is Japanese, barely any gaijin, and the girls in their high school uniforms look no older than 11...don't even wanna mention my thoughts on skirts and loose socks

...ughh where the fuck was I going with that?

Purikura is a reasonable 400 yen out here compared to our 10 dollar ones in Diamond Bar run by Taiwanese...I'm gonna splurge as much as a I can from now on

Here's what I had so far...photoshop made me a pro at decorating these:



Lazy Day Toshi AV Photoshoot



The past few days have gone by so slow and I ain't complaining because I know when it's getting closer to the time I gotta go back to LA I'm gonna get HEAVY anxiety and it's gonna suck ass...

So on our free time after waking up at 2pm we do the usual routines: bike to the konbini load up on fried snacks and onigiri, lounge in the kotatsu room while playing PS3, drink beer, wait for Okaachan to get home, drink with her, go out with Obaachan, do some shopping..usually for more beer and otsumame...go home and repeat...all of THAT and in between I find myself getting bored with my camera taking pictures aimlessly so I don't feel like I'm wasting time on pics I could be taking.

I've found the perfect model to fill my boredom void.

I've only seen a sneak peak of some of "his" AV pics from Sachi and I didn't think the photos served justice for such an aspiring model.

Well scroll down and you'll see what I'm talking about..but beware, your eyes can't unsee these kind of things...


After numerous cans of beers and packs of otsumame, me and Okaasan have been conversing more often about random shit...for example, how to cuss her co-worker out in English, how much Sachi, her brother, and her dad love to do absolutely nothing while we clean, how over-organized we are and how uncomfortable we are about a mess

We're almost EXACTLY the same, even the way we pin our bills together...CRAZY

Anyways, the house cat's been wrecking the shouji (Japanese paper for the sliding doors) so Okaasan was in the process of redoing this is my kind of chore I won't get sick of. Deep down inside, I WILL ADMIT THIS: I'm a scrapbooker, well an aspiring one at that, and yes I have done a few projects and even joined a Sunday morning scrapbook club in Corona for a I definitely get a kick out of hot press

And if you were thinking about getting a cat, let me tell you one important thing you should know: CATS FUCK EVERYTHING UP!








Monday, April 11, 2011

Prick Room Tattoo Shop@姫路_大英


第二_Prick Room Himeji
Artist: 大英

Sorry to all my loyal readers and subscribers. I have been tied up playing Killzone 3 and GT5...damnit, I knew getting them would distract me from my priorities. You would think that being in Japan I would have more things to do than just laying in the kotatsu eating chitara and drinking packs of beer while playing PS3 and watching variety shows...

...well I do, but thanks to this shitty and only getting shittier currency exchange the dollar won't do much damage in Japan. Damn the US for being in debt with Japan...

Toshi has a interesting circle of friends and acquaintances which I haven't all met but can only hear of. I was able to meet 2 of his friends which are heavy into ink and one works under the 3rd Hori of Prick Room.

I give you Daiei. First time we met, as Japanese all are upon meeting them, was timid. We haven't yet to clank glass and take shots till we vomit our intestines. But we both have the capabilities of speaking better foreign languages when we're heavily intoxicated...that and we have tendencies of public nudity.

He made the call when one of his ongoing clients who also happens to be Toshi's vocalist in their band, was scheduled to get filled in on his full back piece.

I'm not a big fan of dragons and koi's but I gotta appreciate the style of his art. It's not like their a bunch of bro's tatting nautical stars and spider webs intertwined with koi fish and wave bars on each other

Well here's a little profile I shot of the shop and the artist himself...Toshi also secretly got tatted...shhh....don't tell okaachan








Biggups to Daiei, thank you sir, you're a fuckin' G


Tuesday, April 5, 2011





Finally here and settled!

For lack of better expression,

Since day one, I've received so much love and kindness from every member of my future in-laws. The language barrier may get in the way of normal conversation but we manage to get the point across to each other. I now regret not brushing up properly with Sachi at home before the trip but this experience definitely brings out the best of my abilities.

Getting married in two different worlds is a trip. The whole process is a trip. I can really appreciate this time with the Ishioka's, they're the Japanese version of my family! Instead of having sisters, Sachi had two very interesting brothers who I can initiate into my "wolfpack" (if you don't get it I feel bad for you, they're coming out with a sequel in Thailand)

Himeji is a calm rural/urbanish city, pretty big compared to the shit hole I live in in Covina...with plenty of convenient stores and izakayas for me to smash on. I don't give a damn about what I eat, how much I eat and how drunk I am in public because public intoxication is welcomed with a red carpet while they sprinkle gold all over it and a line of naked super models await with arms and legs spread wide open for you

The streets and common traffic trip me out. Japanese lanes are equivalent in size to ONE lane in California. Get this, there's no lines on the side streets, you have to not be an asshole and pull to the side to let the other cars pass. In contrast, you stick Americans in a Japanese street and hell is bound to break loose, every in America is a dick, admit it, you wouldn't give way for another person to pass right? psh, who are they to take YOUR lane

Here's a few pics taken with my Blackberry on the plane and upon arrival in Osaka. This my friends ends my privileges of speaking English

IMG-20110331-00404 IMG-20110331-00407

Sachi's mom picked us up from the airport. We walked around the airport to find some grub, the shitty chinese plane food was turning my poo into yellow rubber. Japanese airports, well Osaka in particular, have a fancy little shopping area with gift shops and an array of delicious restaurants. Not like LAX, the prices are damn reasonable! Shit, why even leave the airport now when you get the whole experience right below the terminal?

I've been a good boy so time to get gallon of Kirin on tap please. Japan has the best sizes of beer, they really know how to make me NOT wanna go back to LA...better beer, better food, and air I can breathe without getting cancer.

Hence, me spoiling myself




I'm usually not a cat person, well, still NOT but Mack (マック)...has had a good impression on me so far. This meaning he hasn't scratched or bit me hard enough to make me wanna throw him out the window. Still young blood, selfish, clueless and wrecks the brand new
shouji Sachi's mom just ironed on...little bastard





I'm only gonna get you wet...damp at the most. Prick Room Tattoo Shop profile cumming...

IMG_0052 IMG_0037


You're gonna see a lot of him...and probably parts and poses of him you DON'T wanna see...just a heads up



IMG_0079 IMG_0084