Sunday, February 20, 2011

Under wraps pt.1

Excited to show the full work flow progression for this next piece since it's a new median and style for me so hopefully the progression for this will solidify me for future projects like this

I'll keep it short cause I can't completely show what's in store for one "lucky" son of a bitch

D'Arches 140lb. Hot press rag for the win!

While I was at work, I was staring at the uni for a while, tempted to sneak a few pieces but then I realized how convenient the lids would be for my water/paint cups...VIOLA!

And before I legitimately mount and frame my earlier piece from last year, I wanna finish up the background


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I can really use some...









Saturday, February 12, 2011

Watercolor attempt

This is a totally new median for me. I've done some work in art class with it, sucked ass, tossed my pieces out the window on the freeway and gave my watercolors to my little sister

Now that all the ill feelings towards watercolors subsided I'm gonna give one more legit try. I'm gonna need a lot of patience for this, I'm a horrible painter...

Right now I'm only using super black indian ink to practice a steady hand and pen angles for drawing. Messed around with shading as more trip to Blick and my next project will be on it's way


Thursday, February 10, 2011

"マリナ" finale


After a long 4 months, 2 months rather stagnant, the last 2 on and off in between "Marina" piece is finally done!

This is the epitome of my work. My best so far, the piece I've put my heart and soul into day by day...constantly breaking through my barriers

This is the first piece I've never had negative or discouraging feelings during the process. I personally feel a huge growth in my art and it's encouraging more creativeness in the future

Blogging my progress definitely helps. I used to only blog events I've taken pictures of but I realized that my standard for my blog was waaaaay to I said fuck it, blogs are meant for spontaneity on a daily basis

Anyways, look forward to future projects which start....NOW


Currently listening to...









you're welcome, don't mention it....laughter is contagious


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Marina" pt.7

I wasn't satisfied with all the blank space around her head so I took a leap and sketched in some wave bars to see how it would look behind her...

Then I wanted a few sakura around to add some movement...BOOM. Picture looked better but the original piece seemed to faded and monotone

So here goes my last session tonight darkening the finishing touches and framing this bitch tonight!

If you're not my comrade on facebook then you probably don't know I'm addicted to two things: ASS and NATTO

Natto is not socially accepted in the American food world. Some say it even tastes like the smell of garbage...the slimy texture and after taste is revolting and so on

But to me, it's gold. Fermented gold.

My fiancé will not kiss me after I've indulged in a case of I gotta eat it on my own time, hours prior to planning a wet smooch

I'm getting experimental with my palette. Natto, my favorite platform, is always the main ingredient...start with that, add Kewpie and the rest just goes on top.

Observe: Curry rice topped with natto, kewpie, shichimi, Tabasco...BOOM

Chouji always watches me and Sachi when we're on the porcelain throne...I guess the smell of our feces attracts him


Monday, February 7, 2011

Gaga x Richardson For Supreme




So hyped on this on madd different levels

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pay day

HANDS DOWN, Best game for me this year...just passed up the buzzer shot from D. Fish against the Clippers

I had money on the Spurs this time but I gotta say the Lakers didn't do too bad...yet our boys in the paint weren't there last night

Everyone at work had gambling fever so we all through money into a pot. Since we were hella slow at work we got out early to watch the last quarter across the street at Rude Dog...surrounded by Laker fans, thug ass ones too...we had to keep our shit on the hush

McDyess for the win! Thanks for the pay day homie

...and my theme song for today:


"Marina" pt.6

And here we are my friends...the final stages of my piece!

I'm at the stage of cleaning up the edges, darkening lines and shadows, and preparing for the final mounting process

I fucked up on the beveled edge of the inside frame between the glass and picture unfortunately...FUCK

I carefully masked off the white part of the frame I didn't want colored black right? Marked in the edges with a black felt tip and after removing the masking tape I come to find that the fucking ink bled through and fucked it up! FUCK

So I gotta wait till tomorrow to take a final, legit picture of the piece framed...

But here's the pearl floral necklace from Sachi's vanity and the ruffled shoulder sleeves I added


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Marina" pt.5

I'm so close to finishing this piece but I've been going astray because I wanna add a little more touch here and there every 5 minutes...fuck, being one of my best pieces yet, I wanna do as much to it as I possibly can

The face is done, the earrings and accessories are endless! I've been studying jewelry for a week now trying to figure out the best possible design for her

I'm exaggerating a little much on purpose but I think it'll start distracting the main I've decided to spread it out a bit around the picture plane...POSSIBLY add a floral background to give it sense of space

The earrings were a bitch...I'm an amateur when it comes to understanding negative space...but I managed enough, but now I might just have to delete what I have somewhat accomplished...

Sachi's got this necklace I'm in love, gold and pearls are so appealing to me so I'm gonna have Marina wear the piece

Here's a little sample of what I wanna put in the background as well...I was thinking some sakura with wave bars drawn my way but debating if it'll look tacky...

Lately Sachi and I are trying to cook healthier Japanese food at home so we've been doing a lot of soups and vegetables...and since I didn't have a chance to eat some nabe at our nabe party...we had our own little nabe for the two of us