Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nissan in a good mood...

...Will get you THESE. I know how to cut to the core of this grumpy old Japanese guy...make him reminisce about how cool he was back in the day...I mean waaaaay back in the day.

He loves motorcycles and loves talking about them...I got enough knowledge to converse with him enough to bust us some Kansai style okonomiyaki and some spicy konyaku


"Marina" pt.4

Damn, my everyday blogging streak just ended...I've been 3 days absent? Shit, I've been legitimately busy working and getting my ass settled for next semester

I have absolutely no OFF day starting my birthday...first day of class with a hangover or about to get one

Looking forward to a photo-friendly semester...all photo classes and an Illustrator class

During the past few months of being creatively stagnant I've finally found a spark to start AND finish more personal projects

I go to Japan in a few months and I'm gonna be on a hella strict drinking diet till then...can't spend any money, gotta start running, brush up on my Japanese...especially Kansai-ben

I finished Mari-chan's hair and's a closer look on the detail

So proud of myself. As I'm still finishing this piece, I'm sketching out the next 3 pieces I'm gonna be doing as presents for some very important people...I'll keep ya'll posted


Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Marina" pt.3

Moving along the hair. I love drawing hair. My hand naturally flows in such a wavy fashion...that's why I sucked at have to measure and be precise, you're pretty much your arch scales' bitch

I took a still life drawing class with cousin Teddy...ripped every goddamn day. Our teacher Amy Runyen was hella down

She never called us out for smelling so "herbal" or acting a fool. She knew what was up but we kept our shit together and we passed with A's

That was my most unrememborable/ memorable class ever. Every other week Teddy, me and sometimes Haruka would get smashed and venture off into any kind of Japanese cuisine we could find after class

We tried to poison Haruka with some space muffins but she was smart enough to sniff out the suspicious muffins we baked for art class

Oh how I miss those project critiques on muffins...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lopez Tonight recap


We scored free tickets to watch a taping of Lopez Tonight yesterday...featuring Seth Rogen who didn't show up, some weird looking broad from the show Big Love, and performing there homo-erotic single Maybe, by the Sick Puppies.

Whack. They taped the Seth Rogen segment last week! So there goes my main event...

But being surrounded by what looked like a "Covina" made us stand out. The e-mail that was sent to me about dress code seemed to me that dress code was STRICTLY enforced, dressy casual, collar shirts a must, they demanded "trendy."

Fools were showing up in blank ass colored tee's looking like they're ready to go shopping at Wal-mart...

Thanks to those people, we were blessed with VIP passes to sit second row to the front...they want good looking people to be seen on tv apparently

Orochon dinner with an old friend of mine....oh Orion, you DAMN good beer



Monday, January 17, 2011



Taking a quick break this Monday to get some R&R with Sachi at George Lopez Tonight...I hope Seth Rogen doesn't bring his stoner-friendly character with him on stage tonight...


The Auteur


Sushi board sketchbook: January_01

Sporadically I'll feel an urge to pick up a dry erase and doodle on our sushi boards...and occasionally I'll even do some sushi composition, sushi as a median, why not? eh, let the creative juices flow


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drunkerz with Boss Chubby and Melvin Flowers

First of all, FUCK Henny. That's too much fire for my retired alcohol tolerance...I threw up after the second shot of the night.

Fuck, I'm def feeling the age...fuck me for fucking up my body when I was young.

So we went to Bish 3 deep to knock back a few beers...Henny was provided by yours truly.

Yuka, Joemm's future wife, was celebrating her birthday a few days early. Boy did she get it in...thanks to Yumi for scarring an innocent girl

Entertainment provided by Raul who pissed off everyone in the bar haha

Anyone catch the Critic's Movie Choice Awards show?

Jackass Inception had me ROFLing:


Friday, January 14, 2011

"Marina" pt.2: shading & inspiration

Coming along, satisfied with my progress so far. Started on the her head piece...slow but steady.

I've always been a big fan of flapper chics. Ah the roaring 20's...women flaunted their disdain for society.

Women were sassy, drank, smoked Chesterfields, screwed blokes left and right...women were rebels and they were damn sexy

Many of my pieces are inspired by pin-up, I love the realism conjured in with pop-art.

When it comes down to my style of pin-up I tend to incorporate more SURREALISM. Kamikaze vacuum cleaners, gas masked beauties, eroticism...I'm intrigued by sexual deviance

Moving along sister's boyfriend brought me over a 6-pack of tall High Life's.

They were brilliantly decorated with one hot ass babe done up possibly in airbrush...real Vargas feel.

Knocked a few of those back and watched my favorite live performance on SNL:


December 2010 Randoms

Here's a brief random filmstrip of the past couple of months...enjoy


"マリナ" for Sachi

I'm most def not am not the one to really follow through and finish my projects...but for some wonky reason I'm doing a full progress report to help me finish THIS one.

This piece was started in the beginning of September? I was not on the top of my game unfortunately

Anyways here's the first steps of my graphite portrait done on vellum bristol paper


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Got The Jazz


Last semester, Sachi was taking a jazz class and was assigned to go out and venture off and report on 3 jazz bars.

I felt hella snazzy. Real class act.

I love the atmosphere. The people were way older than us and majority were "not of color." We stood out pretty bad...young, asian, "well-groomed?"

Well if you wanna see what our alter egos are up to these days, peep our blog:

Our Jazz bar visits will be blogged on there.

Oh by the way! Japan trip is officially booked for March 31st!

Perfect timing! I'm gonna be one lucky mutha...hanami for the first time!



Someone please...PLEASE don't buy me anymore beer till April...


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iccho Izakaya@Torrance

So today is our 3 month engagement anniversary. Hats off to us...yay.

It's crazy how serious this is getting. Shit, I'm gonna be 25 in less than 2 months.

Japan is booked for the 31st of March. I'm fucking nervous to see her whole fam and to see how well our chemistry is.

I'm so grateful for her mom flying us out there...I don't think the fact that my marriage is gonna happen within the next year has settled in with my parents...Sachi's mom on the other hand, is helping us take a huge step for this process

Anyways, I'm drunk and I felt compelled to share my sober thoughts with ya'll

Iccho gets a solid 5 out of 10 stars from us...had better yakitori in Corona. I personally give it a 6 because pitchers of Sapporo are only 10 got better with more beer

Sachi's mom said I got fat so my diet starts now

Sachi, happy anniversary sweetheart...I can't wait to get nude tonight


Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm back...

Goddamn. My blog has died for a few months...what the fuck happened? I've come back to blow off all these goddamn spider webs off my blog.

What's been keeping me away? Well, started another blog with Sachi, so there goes a lot of my personal, getting sick of taking pics of nights at Bishamon...

None of my work has amounted to anything Been trying to get my fucking ideas on paper, post-it notes, in Photoshop, etc. etc...

Well after we settled in after 4 months paying rent and what not...I finally got my ass settled in front of a legit working space...solution: got a bigger fucking desk. Enough space to fit all my media, now I can draw, edit, eat, drank, roll blunts, and just vibe out to whatever zone I'm in...

Oh fuck, TJ's got a smart phone now...say wha?! Yeah finally, gotta keep up with the times...I'm so lazy to go through the whole post process of editing I can give a fuck less what I post on here phone pics, random vids and I'll even keep major events like I used to just to keep you folks wet

Anyways, enough typing, it's a fucking bitch blogging on these small ass keys on a blackberry...

p.s. yeah I really let go of myself...hence the pic of motivation above...I'll be swole and black as fuck in no time