Friday, December 30, 2011

A Very Chubby X-mas@CBNC_HQ_LA

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241_Naughty & Nice

It's coming down to the end of the year and the holidays are in full effect. Family and friends are gathering, cracking bottles, exchanging laughs and good times. I am truly blessed this year to have the friends and family I have around me. Thank you everyone for the love and support I've received from all of you this year. I wouldn't have been where I am today if it weren't for all of you...that goes for all you loyal readers as well

Last Friday was the first Chubby Boob X-mas party at the Boobery, mostly for the CB family and close friends. Joemm is the host of hosts when it comes to theme parties. Everything from a white elephant gift exchange to having drinks provided by his very own brewer, props to Jimmy for the amazing CB strawberry black & tan!

A ping-pong tournament to start things off, followed by the gift exchange and topping the night off with a pinata. Good times, close friends, hard drank, plenty of that "holly" burning in the air, and a lot of homo erotic christmas cheer...

New year's right around the corner, look out for Chubby Boob in 2012! Much to look forward to...

Now let's get on with the roll call already!

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Peeks (G.O.G.) x Gabe a.k.a. Dirty Money
IMG_0118-Edit copy
Didn't get their names but their kid is just too damn cute...already partying at 2 months!
IMG_0125-Edit copy
JP x Melvin Flowers
IMG_0128-Edit copy
Jay x Ed (Married Couples Crew)...sorry guys just made that up
IMG_0137-Edit copyIMG_0139-Edit copy
Dr. Earl Blanche up for a serve
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IMG_0166-Edit copy
ミナミ X さち
IMG_0156-Edit copyIMG_0160-Edit copy
hanging 69
IMG_0169-Edit copy
"...that bitch put what in her....?!"
IMG_0174-Edit copy
PacMan made an appearance
IMG_0185-Edit copyIMG_0199-Edit copy

IMG_0191-Edit copyIMG_0196-Edit-Edit copy
Neal(Krooks) x Alf (Monotone)
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IMG_0206-Edit copyIMG_0212-Edit copy
(right) CBNC in full effect
IMG_0214-Edit copyIMG_0227-Edit copy
(right) Josh (CLS) getting dibs on some gifts
IMG_0230-Edit copyIMG_0231-Edit copy
(right) Hats off to Jimmy folks....for making the brew, and for being lethally sexy....
IMG_0235-Edit copyIMG_0237-Edit copy
(left) tits for your ass
IMG_0243-Edit copyIMG_0259-Edit copy
(left) on the look out for that weed gift exchange (right) WINNING
IMG_0261-Edit copyIMG_0264-Edit copy
(left) Vance scored a David Flores print...lucky guy!
IMG_0270-Edit copyIMG_0274-Edit copy
(right) walking away with the best gift in the whole exchange: Star Wars R2D2 Operation!
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IMG_0288-EditIMG_0294-Edit copy

IMG_0316-Edit-Edit copyIMG_0327-Edit copy
little bit of modeling going on upstairs
IMG_0336-Edit copyIMG_0340-Edit copy

IMG_0343-Edit copy
being part of CNBC requires you to do so...
IMG_0351 copyIMG_0352-Edit copy
This kid is already "swagged" the fuck out!
IMG_0360-Edit copy
Sean Martin called dibs FIRST
IMG_0374-Edit copy

IMG_0384-Edit copy
Gabe and The Sleepers Mary & Ace Boogie
IMG_0396-Edit copy

IMG_0400-Edit copy

IMG_0408-Edit copyIMG_0421-Edit copy

IMG_0423-Edit copyIMG_0425-Edit copy
hang tag throwing ain't nothing new to JP
IMG_0431-Edit copyIMG_0439-Edit copy
(right) Boss Chubby on the serve
IMG_0442-Edit copyIMG_0448-Edit copy
(left) CY Jelly always looking sexy (right) Joemm always in a dance battle in his head
IMG_0449-Edit copyIMG_0451-Edit copy
(left) Anthony (TEAMS)
IMG_0456-Edit copyIMG_0460-Edit copy

IMG_0469-Edit copyIMG_0476-Edit copy
getting owned but manages to strike that pose flawlessly
IMG_0482-Edit copy
Frosty owns ya
IMG_0489-Edit copyIMG_0490-Edit copy
Pacquiao up to bat...using only his super human Filipino strength and good looks
IMG_0494-Edit copyIMG_0496 copy
IMG_0502-Edit copy
"...don't step on the porn!"
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Have safe but forgettable New Year's!