Saturday, November 28, 2009



Peter Pan Ain't Got Shit On Me

Everyone's out in freezing cold lines, I'm warm as fuck nesting on my couch. Black Fridays don't mean shit to me anymore, I'm broke, too tired and drunk from the night before, and the po are at every street corner with their damn checkpoints...why risk it for a 10 dollar compact flash? This year, we were trying to get on some sales at Cabazon, failed. Couldn't wake up, fuck it, everything's probably already sold out by the time we woke up. All good, gotta take a lady to some real classy spots...Costa Mesa bound baby

Get Yo Sets Up
What A Gentle Man
Waiting for some kid to eat shit...

Pardon My Swagga Partna


Thanksgiving 2009@The Roque's


≫Dame Un Beso Pinche Flaco

Finally, the holidays are starting up again, which means family time, dinner leftovers for a week, long lines and traffic, and of course, a reason for every moment to be wasted, it's holiday cheer baby!

Started off my Thanksgiving the night before, headed to Take's to visit Tomoko and drank up her welcome. Too bad she don't do a damn thang, smoke, drank, nor thizz...good girl Tomoko. Gotta keep that model lifestyle.

Next morning, still feeling last night's head change, woke up craving carne asada and beer. Jape took me as guest to my ex-boss's/his current boss, Angel's house for Thanksgiving lunch. After working at Shogun, we weren't so fresh with each other, but that's what I love about the holidays, they just make you not give a fuck about that dumb shit no more. Glad to be cool with him again, gotta respect a man who indirectly invites me after shit hit the fan and reloads me on Coronas every 5 minutes. The food was absolutely delicious, morning hangovers always needs a good hearty Mexican meal.

Angel's Heaven On Earth
Poodle Chihuahua Mix
Angel's Little Angel
Best believe baby, CARNE ASADA!

Psh. Ain't nuthin'

Papa Bear

Back at the crib, after slowly sobering up from the afternoon buzz, tidied up the house getting ready for our guests. This is actually the first year we had this many guests, the more the merrier. Had a few mishaps preparing the food, oven fuse went out, mom tried to ignite the oven when the whole garage smelled like gas, nearly blew the shit out of us. Everything got fixed, food was ready and abundant. We had been feeding our appetite with Blue Moons and Full Moons, lost count after the first 12-pack. All that beer gave me the balls to say the best Thanksgiving blessing...Thank You Blue Moon

Dig In




Photo Booth Sesh
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Photo on 2009-11-26 at 22.26Photo on 2009-11-26 at 22.27

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A very anticipated visit from Take's friend from Japan, Tomoko, came down for a few weeks to take in the sights. It's been a while since I've been around Kansai people, and having a huge Kansai influence from Take, it feels like home around them. Luck has it that I work towards shooting for a lifestyle magazine, and that Tomoko is a legitimate model in Japan. She showed me some cell phone pictures from her magazine jobs, damn, she's super legit! Looking forward to shooting her next week before she leaves. In the meanwhile, it's time to get ripped up...


Monday, November 16, 2009


OC Party 228

≫Welcome To Overrated County

≫Saturday night, not watching the Pac Man fight, I'm a phillie and I ain't nowhere near a tv to watch my people take the title. All good, alreayd knew that he'd knock his silly ass out anyways. So much for boricua morenas...pshhh get that shit outta here. So what AM I DOING? Hit up Honda-ya before heading to the party...Kenji and Daijo met up with us, got our grub on, filled the whole table. Got loud after a few pitchers, I could have sworn that the whole restaurant was just as loud, but after going to the bathroom I noticed all the noise came from our table...damn I can only imagine what the people that heard were thinking. Fuck them, we're drunk...the fools around our table were totally eaves dropping, and kept looking at our business, nigga, I'm looking straight at you...mind your own business homie. Anyways, got our drunk on, carpooled to the in, boom...COCK FEST. That's the story of my Saturday night...once again, had my alky goggles on, shit's gonna get me good one day...bitches be lookin fione

≫The Beginning of the End
OC Party 001
≫Oh yeah, we ordered old socks
OC Party 004
≫Vivid Entertainment
OC Party 010

OC Party 011

OC Party 012
≫Burfday Boy
OC Party 016

OC Party 018

OC Party 022
≫HA! Sucka!
OC Party 028

OC Party 031

OC Party 037

OC Party 039
≫Other Burfday Boy
OC Party 045
≫Hey! Let's all die!
OC Party 047

OC Party 053

OC Party 055

OC Party 058

OC Party 066

OC Party 072

OC Party 075

OC Party 077

OC Party 078

OC Party 081
OC Party 083
OC Party 085
≫Cock Face
OC Party 099

OC Party 101

OC Party 107

OC Party 108
≫We got a nigga down!
OC Party 113

OC Party 116
≫Will you tie my Shu?
OC Party 117

OC Party 119

OC Party 124

OC Party 139
OC Party 141

OC Party 153

OC Party 157
≫Hook me up Jay Sean
OC Party 158
≫Fuck Digital
OC Party 160

OC Party 161

OC Party 165

OC Party 176

OC Party 178

OC Party 181

OC Party 183

OC Party 188

OC Party 192

OC Party 195

OC Party 197

OC Party 198

OC Party 201

OC Party 204
≫Who the fuck?
OC Party 206

OC Party 211

OC Party 212

OC Party 216
≫Just dranking that Lesbian Juice
OC Party 231
≫Oh, kicked in already
OC Party 242

OC Party 245

OC Party 249
≫Double SWOOP!
OC Party 254

OC Party 256

OC Party 262
OC Party 264