Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Qio Select Fashion Show Sale @ Los Angeles

Q10 078

Girl In A Green Dress
A good friend of mine, invited me to shoot this fashion event in LA, loaded with Japanese people, free beer, and madd honeys. A privilege to be part of this, since I haven't been shooting actual events lately. I guess I missed most of the day's event, probably missed the actual show, but still got a show of my own. On the way up, I brought a present from Chiharu which most def took a shit on JP, a Peruvian alcohol called Pisco. If anyone's ever heard of it, then you know damn well what kind of fire it delivers to your chest. Anyways, overall a good turn out, didn't know anyone there, still don't, but damn another oppurtunity to network at Tokyo Style. Ya'll better head out, get your pre-sale tickets soon, shit pops off in September and my boy Masaki is holding it down. See ya'll on the dance floor, watch your head for big heavy flash domes...
Qio Select
11614 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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Do you like fish sticks?
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Family Picture
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Holla @ DJ Tsugu, he'll be spinning at Tokyo Style
Q10 088
Time to get some cutty...
Q10 091

Saturday, July 11, 2009

San Diego 4th of July

July2009 192


Just like everyone else stuck in the inland empire, where our breezes are hotter than still air, nothing to do but go to Wal-mart or pop some pills at night and ride bikes to local parks to thizz out on the swings...we headed out to San Diego to get away from all of that. First timers on board, a 24 pack to get us warmed-up for the drive. Weather was awesome, traffic sucked balls, got lost, rode bikes, got tired, ate Italian, watched fireworks, drank, got nude, naked windmills, went late night skinny dipping, penises shrank, more nude, more light shows, slept on the floor, woke up, went home, drank. That sums it all pretty much...peep.

"I'm fucking hiiiighhhh man..."
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July2009 187
Goddamn, you sexy...
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July2009 191
I forgot my fixie...
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DUH. This is called...MORNING BREW CREW
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