Thursday, April 30, 2009



So sorry to keep everyone waiting! Shit, life's been on the rag for a while for me, giving me put the cherry on top of things and my busy schedule, my trusty laptop bailed on me, progressively getting worse and worse...I think it got that swine flu from looking at too much porn, but shit happens when you're up to no good.

Well here's a small update of what's been going on and what might be poppin' off in the near future:

-Gained weight from eating too much Ramen lately. Damn I swear if I was pregnant, Ramen would be choice food fiending. Look out for Ramen scavenger hunts in the future on my blog, I'll try to keep everyone posted on the hottest spots to chow down...

-So, I fell in love with San Diego. Not used to it yet, but the people I met at the Outsiders BMX Track Attack day were pretty fuckin' chill...madd love. Thanks to Jape, I've been fiending to BMX...shit is exhilirating! Not recommended drunk though...YACK.

-Been trying to clean up. Trying to stay sober for most of my day...shit is hard.

-@ Crepe Shack, shit has been legit, we got Japanese sticker club picture booths! Fuck yeah we do, that shit is first in our area...I haven't really seen that many people take advantage of it, and the fact that it's 2 bucks cheaper than anywhere else, it's weird...but no one really knows. Wait till news spreads over to our Extension Center...all hell breaks loose.

-Sold my turntables...sad. That's like selling my soul...

That's pretty much what's been going more shit to say but shit ya'll probably don't wanna hear...EVENTUALLY, I'll get a twitter, but I'm afraid it's gonna make me stray away from Blogger...that's pussy ass bitch feet blogging!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Ajax`s 11th Birthday Surprise

AJ`s Bithday 033
It`s Morphing Time!
Photos Taken By: Konegi X Tako

Damn right it`s morphing time...from being 23 straight back to 11...back when the Power Rangers were just damn dinosaurs and white tigers, back when soggy Cinnamon Toast crunch would float around in half empty bowls of milk while the newest episodes of Doug played back to back followed by Samurai Pizza Cats on early Saturday mornings...everyone`s gotta remember that. How blissful young adolescence naive yet absorbent to every bit of intellectual stimulation. For some of us...watching MTV was porno back in the boy AJ here, was one of the most sexually stimulated boys on the block...and it still lingers in that dick tip of his...

Baby Ajax: Where do I start Baby Boy? AJ, you`ve been my little brother since I moved to Cali...always cruising on your Schwinns while I scraped by with my motorcycle bike. You hated me cause I played hockey and you were a baller...sorry man, that`s just how we roll over on the east`s comedy how we became hella close especially after your dad chewed me out for calling Alexis a fat cow...hahaha! good shit dude, but now she`s totally my lil sister...your mom`s always been more than a mother to me too, she`s a saint, I love her so much man. Damn dogg, we went through a lot of shit together man, but we never bumped heads and we never hated once on each matter what dogg, I know that we always have each other`s back. It just sucks now that you don`t live 2 corners away from me anymore...

I really miss my childhood in Cali because of were my first friend in Cali...fuck Jerwin (A-win...AHAHHA!) he was such a fuckin` fob, but I lingered because he had Playstation and Dragonball tapes...but when it came down to adventuring off on bikes to McKinley, ah shit, you know we would always roll...rain OR shine...hahahaha. Man, my cheeks hurt right now dogg...damn AJ, wish we were little kids again FUCK...Remember when you left your watch at Aburndale? fuck dogg, you crazy boy...hopping 10ft. fences and shit...speaking of fences...remember when we knocked Jan off the tennis court fences at Centennial?! AHAHAHA! Damn! that fuckin` Poon-ipino...

Seriously, the main reason why I feel so connected to Corona is because of you man...we totally explored every aspect of it on our bikes, by foot, takin the fuckin` bus...damn man we lived the streets of Corona man...sometimes I think if it weren`t for our cars we would have still been riding bikes everywhere....and I think that`s kinda what seperates a little...when we didn`t have licenses and shit, we wouldn`t give a fuck about going to parties and shit, just geing boba in OC, checkin` out bitches, racing fools, playing Gran Turismo, watching movies...damn shit was madd lax...but we gotta move on man, gotta make ends meet...gotta go forward.

Now my summers and vacations are so hectic and busy with work and school and shit...while before we would wake up late...come over each others house, eat cereal, bacon, spam, egg, and rice...fuck yeah man...that`s real FOOD. I never remembered us ever getting dressed to go out and kick it either...just basketball short and whatever shirts, but we would go everywhere...even when we kicked it in high school we would just carry our wallets, keys, and phones and just walk around like that...go to the Block just to peep bitches, go to Korean video stores...waste gas, money...time...shit was fun as fuck man...and we could never leave each other till late at one calling us, just us chillin...fuck we even worked out a grip too! damn, we had it all dogg, money, time, healthy as fuck, fit and in I`m falling apart...being drunk and faded...fuck that.

Throughout junior high school we didn`t really see each other that much till vacations...but when we started high school together, shit was in full effect...Of course you remember the car rides to school in the back seat of your van...HAHAHA! Popping boners and shit! AHAHAHA! See man, we were bad mother fuckers back perverted...still are man, and I don`t give a fuck. High school was sick as fuck man, especially since we saw each other everyday...never got tired of it man, cause shit would be me and you making fun of Ronny, going to tennis and just chillin` was so dope man, so glad you were there...greatest part of my high school memories...going from school to school peeping bitches...hell yeah!

CARS. Fuck man...that`s what we`ve always been about man...thanks to you I gained madd proper knowledge of a smart kid AJ, takes a lot of discpline to be in that field and you def got it...I love driving around with you man, from the piss-smelling 4-Runner to Yoko...shit was always crazy fun...damn we were bad as fuck sometimes, egging niggas on freeways...AHAHAHAH! damn straight chased all over OC...young ass mother fuckers fucking with fools in their territory...but fuck it! we made it alive through that always had balls when it came to driving...and you`re the only person I could ever trust to get my Yoko out of trouble in Ontario...fuck man, you a driver dogg...hard as fuck.

AJ, dogg I could totally reminisce all day on my blog...but it`s better when we kick back and do it in person...shit is so funny...Nigga, you more than fam to me, and I always got your back no matter what, even if we barely speak or we barely see each other, I always got you on lock right here in my heart dogg. I mean that whole-heartedly...and I seriously would do anything for you man...ANYTHING, no questions asked. AJ, I LOVE YOU DOGG....Happy Birthday Man.

Ted`s Hockey 542
It ain`t a birthday if you ain`t got Happy Birthday Spaghetti!
Ted`s Hockey 539
Pride Rock
Ted`s Hockey 556

Ted`s Hockey 554
Ralphy boy, you handle that grille son!
Ted`s Hockey 555
Boyz In The Hood
Ted`s Hockey 541
The Kubo`s in the house! Holla at yo boy Keanu Cash Kubo!
Ted`s Hockey 537
The next Roque to fulfill our dynasty...
Ted`s Hockey 545
Danny Tequila est. 2009
Ted`s Hockey 546

Ted`s Hockey 547
Of course...
Ted`s Hockey 550

AJ`s Bithday 005

AJ`s Bithday 006
AJ`s Bithday 026
Original Corona Boys circa 2000
AJ`s Bithday 027

AJ`s Bithday 075

AJ`s Bithday 070

AJ`s Bithday 064
AJ`s Bithday 062
Cute Cute Naman...
AJ`s Bithday 053

AJ`s Bithday 051
AJ`s Bithday 032
Made great party hats though...
AJ`s Bithday 029
...and awesome goodies inside!
AJ`s Bithday 016
...those ain`t suckers nig.
AJ`s Bithday 017

AJ`s Bithday 021
Spermicide Free
AJ`s Bithday 024
Looks like AJ found a lil sumthin sumthin for later...
AJ`s Bithday 035

AJ`s Bithday 037

AJ`s Bithday 100
You so cute Weh...
AJ`s Bithday 103

AJ`s Bithday 105
Round Two: CHEERS!
AJ`s Bithday 108

AJ`s Bithday 109

AJ`s Bithday 111

AJ`s Bithday 113
Cory invented this sex swing in like 2 minutes...sexually appropiate
AJ`s Bithday 117
Mmmm...peep them goods.
AJ`s Bithday 118

AJ`s Bithday 119

AJ`s Bithday 127


Sunday, April 5, 2009

DOOM`S DAY 2009 @ The Honda Center

Ted`s Hockey 217
They Grow `Em Huge in Philly

First and foremost, Big Dick Philly Boy Master, I apologize for making you so wet and waiting...Second, I love you Beau. I got three plus words for everyone...QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK....GOOOOOOO DUCKS! Been a Ducks/Avalanche fan since Hans was still sharpening skates and before Coach Bombay became a crack head in Anaheim trying to fuck Charlie`s mom...Before Triple Deeks were cool...before Goldberg died of obesity...ya feel me? Doom`s got the privellage to play on the same ice as the Ducks...real shit...haven`t touched ice for a minute but seeing my boy handle it made me wanna get back into it...Dooms got real fam out to support him, we love you Big Poppa...

Ted`s Hockey 508
Of course ya know how we pre-party...Holla at yo boy Rossi!
Ted`s Hockey 087

Ted`s Hockey 135

Ted`s Hockey 120
What`s that Kenny? It`s gettin` real hot up in those thermos...
Ted`s Hockey 124
Ted`s Hockey 128

Ted`s Hockey 090

Ted`s Hockey 098

Ted`s Hockey 109

Ted`s Hockey 096

Ted`s Hockey 104
A Barrett Moment
Ted`s Hockey 174
That`s Blue Balls Deep right hurrr....
Ted`s Hockey 184

Ted`s Hockey 166

Ted`s Hockey 156
FaG Squad Representin`!
Ted`s Hockey 160

Ted`s Hockey 186

Tailgaters Anonymous
For all of you who haven`t tailgated watch closely, this how it`s done...PROPER. No Civics and hatchbacks here son...

Ted`s Hockey 308

Ted`s Hockey 196
Ted`s Hockey 489

Ted`s Hockey 203

Ted`s Hockey 204

Ted`s Hockey 199

Ted`s Hockey 208
CHYEAH! My new number one 1 homie, this KAI everyone...please believe...ladies, tug em to the side...
Ted`s Hockey 210

Ted`s Hockey 271

Ted`s Hockey 260

Ted`s Hockey 255

Ted`s Hockey 225

Ted`s Hockey 281

Ted`s Hockey 278

Ted`s Hockey 289

Ted`s Hockey 310
Matty the wait Matty, you`re gonna come out of the closet too...
Ted`s Hockey 313
Sager...already? Always layed out...
Ted`s Hockey 334

Ted`s Hockey 403

Ted`s Hockey 294

Ted`s Hockey 362

Ted`s Hockey 358

Ted`s Hockey 348

Ted`s Hockey 352

Ted`s Hockey 361

Ted`s Hockey 338

Ted`s Hockey 372

Ted`s Hockey 415

Ted`s Hockey 424

Ted`s Hockey 426
BACK 2 BACK...Nascar X 5&ADime Collab coming Fall 2069
Ted`s Hockey 455

Ted`s Hockey 439

Ladies & Gentlemen...
World`s Greatest Failure:

Ted`s Hockey 451

Ted`s Hockey 407

Ted`s Hockey 450

Ted`s Hockey 438

Ted`s Hockey 490

Ted`s Hockey 479

Ted`s Hockey 475

Ted`s Hockey 484

Ted`s Hockey 485

Ted`s Hockey 445

Ted`s Hockey 505
Way ta go Le Sager Jr.
Ted`s Hockey 512

Ted`s Hockey 510
Ted`s Hockey 513