Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cousin Ted`s Turned 21 Biatches!

Ted`s Birthday Party 123
World`s Friendliest, Corona`s Finest

Oh what it is to be young...barely turning 21 seems so far away from me now...and it sucks balls. First and foremost, I gotta introduce all of you to the friendliest, kindest, most well-rounded person I know...MY cousin Danny Arellano a.k.a. Daniel a.k.a. Ted a.k.a. Teddy Bear a.k.a. Affirmative Fucking Action. Cousin, in consideration to the 2nd degree...that means if we have a kid, it`s gonna be hard to produce and raise a deformity. I`ve known Ted since high school, he was always chillin` in our group, stays quiet for the most part, but when he speaks, ya`ll better shut the fuck up.

Ted`s one of the most realist people I know, and I say that with madd heart. Never lies, always down for anythinng, madd passion for automotives...not some fuckin` ricer, good ear for tunes...madd variety...loves Mexican food, and of course the ladies` man...who says nice guys finish last?


Dude, where do I start? Of course I wanna thank you for EVERYTHING...the generous rides you gave me everywhere, you even let me take your car out for a spin, sparked it up before class, backed me up whenever shit went down, and shit you even hooked me up with classes this semester! Damn Ted, you more than fam to me man, and you know I`m gonna get you whenever you need help man...seriously I`m so glad we met again at Mt. Sac, I wouldn`t be able to survive not knowing my own kind in this area...and I`m so glad to have you by my side man, you give me madd confidence and inspiration, and you`re a fuckin` sweet influence man, you get my head on right at school...keepin me focused. Seriously Ted, we closer than ever now, and I`m glad we are cause I`ve always considered you more than brother to me...I hope you had an awesome time dogg, best wishes and madd love...I love you Nigga

Ted`s Birthday Party 017
Rodney`s ready to get all buzzed up...
Ted`s Birthday Party 024
Stater Bros. & Sisters
Ted`s Birthday Party 027
I just wanna tell everyone how much I miss this Pwa Pwa right here...Kenneth, I LOVE YOU has been too damn long you sexy mother fucker...
Ted`s Birthday Party 043
Ted`s Birthday Party 046
We do more than just CRACK bottles...
Ted`s Birthday Party 050

Ted`s Birthday Party 064

Ted`s Birthday Party 069

Ah CHYEAH! My West Co 626 Peoples!

I wanna give a shot out to Chris, Joleen, Niko, Johnny, Theo, DJ, Lenny, Marc, Thomas, and everybody else who came out from 626...Good shit, hey ya`ll...I wanna thank all you for coming out and supporting the birthday boy and I wanna thank ya`ll for being down when shit was good having all the Heem Heads out there too. I hope ya`ll enjoyed the party, and I hope Corona people cool with`re always welcomed out here.


Ted`s Birthday Party 080
Ted`s Birthday Party 082 copy
Ted`s Birthday Party 093

Ted`s Birthday Party 102
oh shit...not the Joose.
Ted`s Birthday Party 100
Ahhhh Shit SON! Bout to go drive some TC`s right now...
Ted`s Birthday Party 108

Ted`s Birthday Party 112
Ted`s Birthday Party 121

Ted`s Birthday Party 127
My Beaus.
Ted`s Birthday Party 128

Ted`s Birthday Party 133

Ted`s Birthday Party 151
and the verdict is...


Shotcaller Up In Here

Ted`s Birthday Party 008
Dinner For 10
Actually more like 2...the legendary Pastrami Fries @ The Hat handled me and Cousin Ted. Even in our condition, our stomachs proved themselve unworthy to such a huge portion. So here`s our order: 2 WORLD FAMOUS Pastrami Subs, extra mustard, and this heaping pile of fries between us two...ughhh, fuck no. Haven`t had The Hat since my 21st birthday...trying to stay away from the 2000-calorie sanwich`s. But the story doesn`t end there...the one thing that totally killed our feast and buzz was one of my ex-aquaintances done did some fuckin` shady ass shit...LONG STORY SHORT: This nigga TRIED to steal my memory stick from my phone, which I had left in his back seat. All his bullshit, all his dumb fucking distractions and attempted diversions really pissed me the fuck off! I don`t even wanna get into it but this mother fucker needs a reality in short let me just leave this message solid and clear for everyone to know who`s a fiend...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Bishamon Strikeout 465
I`ve been a loyal customer of Bishamon for the past 2 and a half years and I gotta say that things have changed a lot...the people, the prices, and the enviroment. One thing`s for sure, the people that I used to see and enjoy pretty much all went back to Japan...Thanks to Mamosan and Shinta, who introduced me to this bar and it`s people...I would have never have made such sweet ass friends. When I first started going to Bishamon, we always had our own group, sometimes enough to fill half the bar, and we knew all the waitresses...but now, shit ain`t the same...the place evolved from a Japanese tatami floor style where you take your shoes of and a traditional western style booth set up. The place got a lot NICER and FANCIER, but kinda lost some of it`s main elements that made the bar so traditional Japanese...these fuckin Americans and Taiwanese mother fuckers complain too`s not like they don`t know how to get on there fuckin` knees...
But for tonight, this quiet Sunday night...Take-san, the bartender at Bishamon, accompanied by his friend Chicu-chan, took me out for dinner...which is unusual cause I`ve never went to Bishamon having the intention of having dinner...just to get fucked up. The food always seemed bomb, but I don`t know if I was too drunk to even be able to tell what`s good or not. Of course, I had to get takoyaki...and a nice pitcher of Kirin straight off the tap...the best part of it all was the presence of the original people, well some of them but the main heads...good ol` times!

Bishamon Strikeout 395
Bishamon Strikeout 398

Bishamon Strikeout 403

Bishamon Strikeout 406
Bishamon Strikeout 409
Bishamon Strikeout 411

Bishamon Strikeout 414

Bishamon Strikeout 419
Bishamon Strikeout 421

Bishamon Strikeout 423

Bishamon Strikeout 425
Bishamon Strikeout 427

Bishamon Strikeout 432

Bishamon Strikeout 434

Bishamon Strikeout 436

Bishamon Strikeout 441

Bishamon Strikeout 443

Bishamon Strikeout 448

Bishamon Strikeout 455

Bishamon Strikeout 456

Bishamon Strikeout 459

Bishamon Strikeout 461
You know it`s official when Mama busts out the Shiro!...on the house!
Bishamon Strikeout 464
Bishamon Strikeout 468

Bishamon Strikeout 469

Bishamon Strikeout 474

Bishamon Strikeout 477
Happy Water ya`ll
Bishamon Strikeout 478

Bishamon Strikeout 485

Bishamon Strikeout 490

Bishamon Strikeout 493

Bishamon Strikeout 495

Bishamon Strikeout 497

Bishamon Strikeout 390