Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello New World

Baby On Board
Introducing Katherine Grace Bouffard
Born: September 27, 2008
Height: 17.5 inches Weight: 6 pounds
New Beginning 2009 024

New Beginning 2009 013
You make gorgeous girls, Uncle Mark. Cross your fingers! Here comes a boy!

アテンションン プリース

Oh Word?
"All you need is love!"
New Beginning 2009 038
So a friend of a fried, Mayumi a.k.a. Orlil, happened to stop by LAX for work. An honor to meet a real cabin attendant...I have seen a new light towards cabin attendants, a lot of hard work and dedication. So the next time you take a flight be sure to thank your cabin attendant if they`ve attended to you in any way possible...remember they put up with everyone`s bull shit. Anyways, Santa Monica was the choice, beautiful weather...besides the cold ass was super chill. Literally.

New Beginning 2009 040

New Beginning 2009 033

Baller-ass meal!

New Beginning 2009 067
REAL food ingredients...stale as fuck though...

New Beginning 2009 089


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year`s in the Crown Town

New Year`s Resolution for 2009:
To figure one out.
New Year`s 2008 003
...A really late New Year`s Day post, BUT all is good, I didn`t want to neglect such an important event for we bloggers, right? Well, it was spent at my pad in Corona...with the Fam of course, and Uncle Mark came down super late, drained of energy, not even enough for one drop of alcohol which I had so diligently had prepared for a toast...failed, he passed out, didn`t even watch the ball drop. But I guess he`s pardoned due to the fact his heart and soul live on Chicago time. Barely made it home in time for the ball drop countdown, which we had skimmed into by 15 seconds, gaving to piss our pants...yay, new year, new problems...ehhh
New Year`s 2008 002
I made it out to Baby Ajax`s right before 12, just to see this sexy beast....He was about to fuck every dick out there, maybe even Salamander`s dick...after your drop a Blue Panda...

New Year`s 2008 006

New Year`s 2008 005


New Year`s 2008 010

Right before the ball drops, skidded into my driveway, flew in the front door, grabbed a camera, popper, then BADA BOOM BADA BING! 2009 Suckas!

New Year`s 2008 015
I`m so proud of this guy, he`s taking the first innitiative to start drinking, awesome Dad!

New Year`s 2008 018

New Year`s 2008 019

New Year`s 2008 021

New Year`s 2008 023

New Year`s 2008 025

New Year`s 2008 030

New Year`s 2008 033

New Year`s 2008 040

New Year`s 2008 046

New Year`s 2008 048

Dog Lover`s Misc.

New Year`s 2008 062

When i`m drunk...keep me away from dogs, I`ll seriously rape one...if he lets me.

New Year`s 2008 085

New Year`s 2008 088

Let`s Move On With Show.

Rainy Christmas Day Treats @ Corona

The Famlay Christmas 2008
Cookie Contest Results: 1st Place: Re-ann, 2rd: Krystal
Christmas 2008 183
After the hectic configuration of my blog templates, and numerous trials, I`ve found the best way to be able to commit to better blogging. Sorry for the delay and the whacked out template prior to this one. Besides the gloomy grey weather and rain, Christmas was pretty kick back, just madd smashing, eating anything and everything...rainy weather makes me fat. Peep.

Christmas 2008 176
My Job: Get ripped. My Pops joined me, rare. Strawberry maragritas on the house.

Christmas 2008 185

Christmas 2008 182

Christmas 2008 180

Christmas 2008 171

Roque`s In Full Effect.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Since Blogger Is So Fucking Gay...

...I had to start up another damn blog! dude, what the hell...come on fools, I downloaded my old template, got tweaked, tried to restore it, and it comes back looking like crap...fuck. Anyways, new year, new blog...still same gay, barely legal bullshit as the other ones...enjoy.