Monday, February 13, 2017

SCTA Land Speed Racing @ El Mirage Dry Lake_Day Two


Dusty Dawns

Usually on weekends I'm too tired to get up early for anything because I wake up so early during the week but I was committed to getting the early shots for day two on the lake bed. I'm a morning person so getting up at 5 a.m. to catch the sunrise is nothing compared to my weekday awakenings. I arrived on the frigid lake bed right at the break of dawn but the course needed some time to let the dust settle before runs could commence. After we gathered for the star-spangled banner, the sun had positioned itself right over the mountain peaks and the course was more visible. It was time to fire up those engines and suit up for the first runs of the day. I spent most of my time and energy from the first day so I made my walk around the staging pits early morning till the beginning of the afternoon. I shook hands with some familiar faces and got to hear more stories of all the broads that Larry could fit in his car before I took off. Great guy that Larry, he's always offering random strangers to drive his custom built racecar and allows them to whip it around in the dirt to their hearts' content. This right about wraps up the 2016 SCTA season folks, signing off from El Mirage, see you all in May!

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