Thursday, January 18, 2018

Speed Week 2017 | Bonneville 2017 | Day Two | Part Two


Home Is Where The Salt Is

That is a saying I've grown accustomed to these past few years after spending time wandering around the salts. Back home in California I'm running like clockwork from the moment I open my eyes to the opening scene of my dreams. Working full-time in a cubicle, staring at a monitor 8-10 hours a day is mundane to say the least. I surround myself with memorabilia and photographs of the adventures my wife and I went on to remind me that there's so much to see outside those four cubicle walls. Bonneville is constantly on my mind and those few days a year spent on the salt during Speed Week is enough to keep me sane throughout the year. 

Although I don't participate in the actual racing (someday), I've created memories through experiencing the atmosphere driving around with no particular direction or agenda. There's only a few places that I can truly let go of all my responsibilities and just clear my head. It must be the blank, white surfaces of the salts flats that speak to me. The endless horizon of salt contrasted by surrounding peaks and the reverb sound of cars making their runs is perfect harmony. I guess you can say the open land and skies represent the calmness I'm missing in my life back home.

As you can imagine, being the last post from Speed Week 2017, I'm growing anxious if next year's salt will be sufficient enough to race again. With the depletion of the salt and unpredictable weather, nothing is guaranteed. No matter the circumstances, the collective spirit of these racers, their families, and our community will continue to keep this tradition alive. I owe a lot to these races and the community for giving me a peace of mind and new purpose in my career. Now I can get through the year looking forward to returning back home to the salt flats every year. See you next August!

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