Monday, November 6, 2017

The Race of Gentlemen 2017 | Wildwood, NJ | Day Three | On The Sandy Strip



It's time for me to get out of the pits and right into some racing action because it's day 3 out here in Wildwood and names are being taken. Last day of racing and competition is getting stiff as we begin eliminations to see who will claim their title. Even after a few days of being submerged in the TROG experience, I'm still overwhelmed with joy and excitement every time that checkered flag drops. It took me a few days to absorb Wildwood in all of it's glory but now I can leave content with the shots I had taken to leave more for next year. As I bid my farewell to Wildwood, I knew that it wouldn't be that long till I would end up on her shores again. Next stop - all the way back across the country, at the peak of summer on that salty Bonneville speedway! See ya in Wendover race fans

IMG_3727-165 IMG_3632-120 IMG_3626-118 IMG_3695-150 IMG_3820-197IMG_3690-147 IMG_3639-124 IMG_3658-133 IMG_3634-121 IMG_3670-138 IMG_3697-151 IMG_3703-155 IMG_3649-128 IMG_3659-134IMG_3722-163 IMG_3635-122 IMG_3735-21 IMG_3672-139 IMG_3645-126 IMG_3700-152 IMG_3725-164 IMG_3744-170 IMG_3900-28 IMG_3710-159 IMG_3767-178 IMG_3823-200 IMG_3678-142 IMG_3776-181 IMG_3648-127 IMG_3822-199 IMG_3847-210 IMG_3851-212 IMG_3828-203 IMG_3877-27 IMG_3813-194 IMG_3833-208 IMG_3854-214 IMG_3871-25 IMG_3892-234 IMG_3868-219 IMG_3897-235 IMG_3890-233 IMG_3683-143 IMG_3806-192 IMG_3706-157 IMG_3760-175 IMG_3817-195 IMG_3692-149 IMG_3653-130 IMG_3640-125 IMG_3792-186 IMG_3850-211 IMG_3898-236 IMG_3887-231 IMG_3733-168