Wednesday, January 11, 2017

SCTA Land Speed Racing @ El Mirage Dry Lake_The H&H Special


More with Four

For a big guy like builder Max Herman, this little T/A roadster looks like a little toy compared to him. When I first saw him running down the shores of Pismo at TROG with a 4-0 winning streak, I was awed by the speed and acceleration of that little four banger - and that was on wet sand. Fast forward a month later on the dry, flat surface of El Mirage and Max and his son are whipping up dust devils on the dry lake in their H&H Special. Even at stand still the little T/A roadster still manages to break a few necks - and I'm one of them. I couldn't decide which angle I liked best because every corner of that car was a work of art. The stance, the side exhaust, the Whippet radiator, and the sinister black with the finishing touches of hand lettering done by Chris Garcia is what really ties it all together. Before we meet the builder, I wanted to start off the segment focusing on this beauty in all it's glory.

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