Sunday, April 23, 2017

GNRS 2017 @ Pomona Fairplex_Pt. II


Golden Opportunities

Constantly calibrating for white balance from one exhibit hall to the other, I was spent and wanting to just focus on shooting the final hour of the day without any more hassles. As soon as I stepped out, the paint colors of the cars looked more vibrant and the sky was the perfect gradient for chrome reflections. With less to deal with it was just one white balance setting and I was off in my own world capturing the cars and atmosphere with a flawless eb and flow. Nothing beats the golden hour especially during this time and weather that southern California has been having. The San Gabriel mountains heavily topped off with snow was a great contrast to the warmer tones on the grass and asphalt.

I tend to find the best moments and locations when I get lost and go off tangent. I ended up towards the exit area near the back parking lot where a lot of the car clubs gathered and lined up next to each other. My buddy Craig Holmes and his car club, The Diegans, made the journey from San Diego early that morning and I was able to catch them right before they left to go home. After grabbing myself a nice cold one to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening I found a lonely, deep red 1928 Sprinter that was for sale which I had to investigate. Amazing build which had all the right pieces of a well-balanced roadster. The price tag was reasonable enough to have me already imagine myself driving down the central coast in it.

Compared to the year before, I definitely had more fun this year despite the lack of the land speed racing car entries. Any opportunity to expand and expose myself to other styles I'd take as a new learning experience. Let's see what I can capture at next year's Grand National Roadster Show!  

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