Monday, May 6, 2019

SCTA Land Speed Racing @ El Mirage Dry Lake | June Meet


High Desert Hiatus

Ripping off the fourth month off the calendar gives me such excitement and enthusiasm for what May has in store. Finally shedding off the cold winter layers and drying up from this year's unexpected rainfall, it's that time again to pull the covers off the race cars. The season opener for SCTA begins in May so I thought I'd revisit some photos from last year's meet to get into the spirit of land speed racing. I've got a lot of catching up to do from the past year, so please bare with me as I bring this ol' jalopy of a blog back to speed. 

IMG_4832-14 IMG_4799-5 IMG_4856-19 IMG_4816-9 IMG_4804-3 IMG_4834-15 IMG_5024-7 IMG_4901-5 IMG_4890-20 IMG_4896-25 IMG_4893-22 IMG_4942-38 IMG_5021-61 IMG_4913-30 IMG_4791-2 IMG_4981-51 IMG_4920-31 IMG_5010-57 IMG_5029-62 IMG_5002-54 IMG_4952-42 IMG_4948-40 IMG_4966-46