Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chris Garcia | Easy's Hot Rod Build Tribute | Chapter Three


A Dream To Build On

Now that Chris got his dad's ol' lady running and and the chop smoothed out, he's been taking her out to stretch her legs at El Mirage and Santa Margarita Ranch. Everywhere he takes her, heads turn and compliments follow shortly after - must be the contrast of the white walls with the stock color paint. The perfect chop to top it all off, gives the car a sleeker stance even without channeling the body. Add a furry sidekick hanging out the window and you've got the perfect showstopper sure to lure all the "Betty's". 

In this stage of the build, Chris was simply enjoying taking her out to the races and getting a feel for his next move. After putting around the dry lakes and dirt roads in Central California it was obvious what his next plans were - go racing. But before that, why not pay a visit to the mecha of hot rod racing and get your blessing from the hot rod gods? That's right, the holy land where your tires and undercarriage carry the sodium-filled blessings from the bosom of Utah - Bonneville Salt Flats.

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