Sunday, September 16, 2018

Antique Nationals 2018 | Auto Club Dragway @ Fontana, CA


Drizzle on the Dragway

After the winter months start to warm up into spring, hot rodders have been waiting for the first chance to finally get back on the strip. One of my favorite races of the year, the Antique Nationals, is an indicator that race season is starting. It's time to dust off the carbs, get the ol' cranks and pistons fired up and take what you got to the drag strip. Hosted by the 4 Ever 4 Cylinder Club at the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, President Clark Crump and the club members always put on a well-organized race with a cast of street rods and traditional hot rods. Although competitive on the strip, the camaraderie amongst racers is thicker than the meat on Skip Ringo's Hoosier drag slicks...well almost.

This year's weather condition was not as favorable as it was compared to last year's, especially with the morning clouds and drizzle as racers pulled into tech inspection. It wasn't letting up but that didn't stop me from sticking around to capture everyone in the pits and staging lanes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for the actual runs but I was able to see my buddy, Moses' rare '32 Ford Sedan Delivery with a Winfield head that he just picked up. Another favorite car that I finally got to see in person was the Jack Calori Roadster restored and owned by Billy Crewl. You can't miss this 1940's style roadster with the 10-foot shiny pipes on each side against the sinister black paint scheme.

Victor, of Red's Headers in Chiriaco Summit, California also brought out his Riley-powered 4-banger that just got some fresh paint from no other than Chris Garcia. Love to see Chris' work on cars that I also love - it's the perfect finishing touch to any project he works on. A shame I didn't get to see any of them run but the event was a solid start to the race season and a preview of projects to look out for throughout the year. 

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