Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wellema Hat Co. 1 Year Anniversary | Altadena, CA


The Wellema Way

It's funny how the internet and social media have a strong influence on our connections and interactions with individuals of the same interests these days. I'm sure glad it led me to the grand opening of Cody Wellema's hat shop in Altadena one year ago. I've seen Cody, his lovely wife Shelby, and the Wellema Hat Co. grow exponentially since that day and I wouldn't pass up a personal invite to celebrate their one year milestone at the Altadena shop. Their following are some of the best dressed people straight out of the early 1900's and they always set the perfect movie scene. The one year celebration was no exception and Raul and Anthony from Willie's Shoe Service brought out their shoe shining booth to polish up shoes at the Wellema store front. 

Of course we can't forget about their friendly mascot, Sway the dog who kept your lap warm while you got your shoes shined. A Wellema soiree wouldn't be complete without some lively swing music to set the tone throughout the evening. The Jack's Cats Trio had people moving rugs and chairs to make space for dancing inside the packed shop. Many new and old friends made appearances and the rest of the block party filled the sidewalk shops on this cool summer night. Cheers to another great year of growth in friends and business. More features on the new shop improvements underway!

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